Thursday, 23 June 2016


Hello and hope summer is good where you are. Today's flash fiction is all about the magic that comes from certain ones from the depths of the waters. Hope you enjoy. Also the next chapter of the Feline Snow Queen is below this. Happy reading!

flash fiction

He didn’t believe in them but there was something that drew him to the shore.
When I looked, all I saw was endless ocean waves caressing the shore.
By the look of his eyes, he saw more. I asked. “What do you see that I don’t?”
His breath was a bit shaky. “I see a young woman standing at the edge of the waves. She keeps looking out at the endless ocean, like she is lost or something.”
I looked out at the ocean but I saw no young woman but I knew he believed that he did.
“Why don’t you go up to her and ask her?”
He shook his head ever so slightly and this strange vibe went through me.
“What do you think she is?”
“I don’t know because I know you can’t see her.”
“No, I don’t see her but I know in your mind you do. What do you think she is?”
“You know I don’t believe in such fairy tales but I hear her song. She sings to me and she wants me to go to her.”
“You think she is a mermaid?”
“There is no such thing, you know that.”
“Then, why can’t I see her?”
“I don’t know,” he said in frustration.
“Why don’t I go with you and we will see.”
He looked at me like I had lost it.
“I am not going out there.”
So, that was it. We went back to the small village where we were staying.
The next morning when I went to meet him for breakfast, he didn’t show up. I grabbed some food for both of us as I had a feeling where I would find him.
When I got to the shore however, there was no one around.
I decided to walk to the edge of the waves and look out.
Maybe he didn’t come here and I felt a bit silly rushing out here. Maybe he slept in. I went to turn around and I heard something behind me.
Then it was strange but in my head I heard this song. It was so pretty. I stopped and turned around and at first I didn’t see her and then out she popped out of the waves.
I startled. She smiled at me. I said hi but she didn’t respond.
She walked toward me. Now we were face to face. There was something different about her. I think it was her eyes.
Then this pretty song came loud and clear into my head. I backed away from her and when I did she reached out for me.
I turned and ran before she grabbed me. I kept running and running until I was back at the village. I walked back to where we were staying. I was shaking.
I noticed that he was sitting at the table where we always ate. He spotted me and waved me over. “Where were you this morning?”
“I was here but you hadn’t showed up yet. I guess you slept in.”
He had a puzzled look on his face. “You know I hardly ever sleep in. I was here on time. Look at your own time.”
I did and it was 30 minutes after the time we usually met. He wasn’t late, I was early.

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