Thursday, 16 June 2016


Welcome and hope this summer finds everyone fine. Todays flash fiction is about finding that special someone. Hope you enjoy  and remember as always the next chapter of The Feline Snow Queen is up as well. Happy reading?

Pink Lemonade & Flowers
Flash Fiction

You were always the one who was innovative. The ideas for how we spent our time was an understatement of your creative nature.
Like the time we went to a theatre in the park for a picnic. We watched a version of a midnight summers dream and ate watermelon.
One time we went on a bike ride through a different park where you took me to an abandoned part of the old park. There were old concession stands and even rides that were not in use anymore.
We sat on the old merry go round. There were two horses that were still in good condition. You said we should make a wish while sitting on them.
I laughed at the idea but I made my wish.
Now a year has passed by since we had picnics in the park and sat on wishing horses. You had to go to school far away.
We sort of lost our connection. The last time I heard from you, was when you said you got a summer job in France and couldn’t wait.
That made me sad because I knew I wasn’t going to get to see you.
But things happen and I found out wishes on merry go round horses can come true.
I got an invitation and I knew right away that it was from you without even opening it.
I opened it right away of course. I was to meet you in a certain part of the old park where the some of the broken picnic tables were.
You didn’t give me much notice. It was the very next day.
So there I was, standing in the new park looking around for you but I couldn’t see you. So, I walked to where you told me to and then my heart took a leap.
You had set up one of the smaller picnic tables that were still standing with a pinky flowery table cloth. On top was a bouquet of pink daisies and a pitcher of pink lemonade which was my favorite.
I knew by the shiver that ran through me that you were up to something.
You popped out of nowhere it felt like and startled me.
I ran into your waiting arms where you twirled me around.
We shared a “I miss you kiss” and then you sat me down at the table.
I looked at you and smiled. “What’s up?”
You frowned but then quickly laughed. “You know me all too well. I have thought a lot about you this past year and I have now made a decision.”
My chest started to thump. “What decision?”
You reached into your pocket and took out a beat up little velvet case. You opened it and the lid fell to the ground.
I almost giggled but then you dropped down in front of me. My face flushed.
There was a ring in the box. It looked very old. I wondered if it was his grandmother’s or something. “Will you do me the honor and become my life partner?”
I said yes and then I had the ring on my finger.
On our way back to France I told him about my wish.
He looked at me and whispered in my ear. “I made the same wish.”

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