Thursday, 9 June 2016


Hi everyone! Today I have a poem instead of flash fiction. Just a change up for today. Hope you enjoy it. Also the next chapter of The Feline Snow Queen is below. Thanks for stopping by and Happy reading. If you are new, check out all the stories.

The Dance
Beautiful feathers that make up butterfly like wings, so colorful and patterned.
On the very tips of her wings are feathered eyes that peak out.
She flutters with ease, not losing one feather.
Everything stays in place.
A face with kaleidoscope eyes mesmerize those who catch site.
Dance a dance with her.
A partner worth taking.
The music holds prose that drift you off in pastel shades with scents of jasmine.
Colored stones skip across melancholy waters as you dance.
She sways you to the music that won't leave your head.
She won't let it.  
You collapse in colored dreams and then wake remembering dancing in the prose.
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