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The Feline Snow Queen
Part 19

Sieska had sent out her cats to tell them all about the gathering at her castle in two weeks. Now the time was almost near and she had not heard from any of them. This worried her. Was this telling her that they would not come and talk?
Her guards had kept watch on all the borders and everything was quiet which Sieska found unsettling giving who her invited guests were. They were never quiet and this was a sure sign that something was brewing amongst them. A part of her knew she had to prepare for a possible attack on her castle. Sieska made up her mind that she would talk to her guard cats and set up a plan to defend themselves. But she was hoping that it would not be necessary.
Keshar was supposed to report to her to see if he had heard anything about what was going on out there. She sighed. “Enough is enough. I will go out for a walk in my forest and think about this meeting.”
She no sooner got out the room when Scamper almost ran into her. He screeched to a halt. His gold eyes were wide. Sieska sucked in air. “What is it, have you found something out?”
He nodded his head trying to gather his own breath to tell her. “Some of the cats found destruction near our border and the high queens. Didn’t see any of the high queen’s cats.”
This news didn’t sit well with Sieska. She knew Shae always kept guard on her territory. Sieska started to get worried that maybe something happened to her. “I want to go investigate with some of the guards myself. Go tell one of the leads what I’m planning.”
Scamper went off leaving her on her way. Sieska continued on her way out, making her way out to the main front entrance of the castle. When she was coming down the stairs she caught sight of Keshar. That made her happy. She was hoping he would have some good news.
He spotted her before she got to the bottom of the stairs. When she looked at him she couldn’t get a reading on him. “Did you find anything,” she said quickly.
He shook his head. “As I’m sure you heard from Scamper, the forest out there is quiet. That makes me feel a bit uneasy.”
“It makes me feel uneasy as well. I told Scamper that I wanted to go investigate the borders myself with the head guard cats.”
His eyes went a bit wide. “Are you sure that is wise when you and I have a bad feeling about what is going on there? What if an attack is being planned?”
“I will go prepared as I have handled attacks before.”
“But what if this is different? They could outnumber you.”
Sieska didn’t think about being outnumbered. “We can out run them as we know hiding places in our own territory.”
“I would be very careful out there. Have your best guards with you.”
“I will. What are you going to do now?”
Keshar looked tired thought Sieska. “I’m going to eat and rest for now and then I will go out with another group of cats and check some more borders. I heard about Shae’s border being quiet with no cats arounds. We might check that out.”
“Okay then, I will go. My guard cats should be ready and waiting for me.”
“Be careful.”
“I will.” Sieska padded out to the front of the castle. There was only one cat there. She quickly went up to the cat, it was Scamper. “Where are the rest of the cats?”
“They heard something and all ran to investigate. I stayed behind. I felt it in my tail that something is out there. I stayed here to guard things.” Sieska didn’t like the sound of that. She knew she shouldn’t but she was queen of this forest and she couldn’t sit here and not know what was going on. “I’m going to the east border and check things.” It was the closest to the castle. That would be safe she thought. “Stay here and guard. I won’t be long.”
Before Scamper could say anything, she bounded off. It wasn’t long before she was deep into the wintery forest. The snow crunched under her feet. A fresh lot of snow fell the day before creating a winter wonderland. The air was crisp and sharp. That was the best she thought as she inhaled the cold air into her lungs. Sieska looked all around her. It was stone quiet. It felt like the breezes that usually blew around were holding their breath. Sieska’s own breath hovered in the air in front of her. The hackles on the back of her neck stood on end. There was another presence in the forest and it was behind her. Very slowly she turned around and there he was.
Sieska knew by the billowing white hair that flowed behind him and his dark navy eyes that shone in the winter’s white world that stared at her. He had a fierceness like no other. If there was one thing that she feared in this entire forest, it was him-the winter king. The winter queen was not with him anymore and she could see why. He was the prince’s father.
He tilted his head and smiled at her. That made Sieska back up and almost stumble. “Are you scared of me my feline queen? What a shame, I do like you. You are such a beautiful creature.”
She didn’t dare speak back to him. She had to find a hiding place where she was safe from him.
He looked around too. Then he let out a soft laugh. “I wouldn’t bother looking for a hiding place my beautiful one. I will find you, just as I found your precious guard cats.”
That made her ears perk. She had to speak now. “What did you do with them?”
He scoffed. “What do you think I did with them?”
That made her insides flip and she started to feel a heat turn up inside of her. She wanted to lunge at him and rip his throat out.
The winter king came forward and sighed. “Don’t worry my dear, they are safe-for the moment. I just want to let you know that I did not get word about your little get together at your castle. I’m sure it was an oversight so I am here to let you rectify that.”
Sieska knew this was blackmail. To free her cats she would have to invite him to the castle. “Sorry, you are welcome to come.”
He smiled and almost laughed. “I thought you had just made a mistake. I will see you there.”
“My cats will be returned?”
His dark eyes shimmered. “But of course.” The snow swirled around them and when everything settled the cats were all around her. She sighed with relief. The king was still there. The cats surrounded her all growling.
The king let out a roar and suddenly everything shook. Sieska felt herself being lifted. Her cats were now below her and were getting smaller and smaller.
When her feet touched the ground again, she knew she was not in her own territory. SIeska whirled around. The king was sitting on his ice throne.
“Welcome to my home my feline queen.”
“Why have you brought me here? I said you could come to the castle.”
“Yes I know, but I thought it would be fun for you to escort me to our party.”
He snapped his fingers and one of the winter faeries flew over to her and within seconds she felt something heavy around her neck. She looked down at the icy floor and could see her reflection. There was a diamond collar around her neck. She growled.
“Now, what kind of thank you is that? I just gave a pretty collar to come with me to your function. You look quite beautiful, Sieska.”
She cringed when she heard him say her name. “Get this collar off of me.”
The winter king smirked. “Give it a chance. You will like it.” He got up off of his throne and came towards her. In his hand was an icy clear chain. She sunk down to the cold ice floor.
“Don’t cower away from me.” He bent down and attacked the chain to her collar. “Let’s go find you a suitable room to stay.”
He dragged her out of the room with her claws digging into the ice.
Scamper paced back and forth for a moment and he knew too much time had passed. He bounded off sniffing to the ground. He got half way when he met the other cats. They were all in a daze it appeared. “What’s wrong with you cats?”
One of them shook its head. “She been kidnapped.”
“What? By who?”
“The winter king.”
“We have to tell Keshar,” said Scamper.
“Let’s go.” They all followed Scamper. When they got back, Keshar was already in the front of the castle watching them all come in.
“What happened,” demanded Keshar. “They were attacked,” said Scamper.
“By who and where is the queen?”
Scamper came forward with his tail drooping. “She was kidnapped by the winter king.”
Keshar gasped.

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