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The Feline Snow Queen
Part 20

The winter faerie was nervous. Sieska watched it pace back and forth while every once in a while stop and look out at her through its blue white hair. She could see the sharp sky blue eyes peer over at her. Sieska stared right back which always resulted in more pacing. She wondered if she could use this to her advantage. For obvious reasons she couldn't harm it but she could manipulate the winter faerie perhaps.
Sieska let out a sigh which resulted in the winter faerie freezing on the spot. She now had its attention. Sieska could almost see its chest rising up and down in a rapid beat.
"I'm not going to harm you but you understand my situation, do you not?"
Silence hung like the ice fog in the room and she was taking this as a sign that she would not get a response.
Another moment passed when suddenly it turned to her and spoke. "I can not help you get out of here. I will not bargain with you and you know why."
Sieska knew why alright. It would mean certain death for the winter faerie. "I know enough not to ask for help as I know the consequences for both of us would be."
He twitched then. She had touched a nerve. "I'm sure you will get rewarded for securing me here in this room but you must know I will try to do what is necessary."
The reaction she got was another twitch followed by a hiss. "Not under my watch. And yes I will get rewarded." His smile revealed sharp teeth. "I look forward to that."
"Must be a pretty good reward then." He twitched again and quickly went back to his pacing. Sieska couldn't figure why he was so nervous. Then she wondered if he had struck a bargain with the winter King. That would be a deadly game to play with the king.
She twitched her own nose. "So, what is your reward?" He stopped and looked at her. His sky blue eyes almost shimmered through his blue white hair. Sieska didn't expect a response but he was about to say something when the door opened silencing anything that he might have said. It was another winter faerie. This one looked way meaner than the one that was guarding her. She hoped that it wasn't going to trade places with this one.
Sieska held her breath watching the two of them. The winter faerie spoke quietly to the one that was her guard so she couldn't hear what was being said. Whatever was said did not make the one that was guarding her happy. He scowled in the other one's face. The other one simply shrugged and walked away.
Sieska almost sighed with relief. She could now talk some more to this one. "What is happening? You didn't look too happy. Is your bargain with the king in jeopardy?"
He hissed at her followed by a growl. "It's none of your business." He let out a huff and Sieska knew that she hit a nerve with him. Sieska was guessing she was right about his bargain being in danger. He started pacing again and this time with a bit more stomp.
"You know, I could help you with your bargain if that is the issue here. The winter King need not know."
He stopped and faced her. Then he walked up closer to her. His sky blue eyes narrowed, staring at her. "How could you help me?"
"What is it that you bargained for?" Sieska knew he didn't trust her but she could smell his fear and desperation. This bargain had to be important to him. He was thinking about it Sieska could tell and she waited for his response.
"My love is here. She was taken by another winter faerie and now the king wants her."
"I see and this bargain was to get her returned back to you?"
He twitched. "Yes."
Sieska came closer to him. They were almost face to face as he was one of the smaller winter faeries. He didn't back away from her even though the smell of his fear was greater.
"Let me help you get her back. Do you know where she is?"
He nodded.
"Good, get me out of here and I will help you release her. I'll take you back to the winter queen's territory. I'm sure you will be both safe there."
His eyes grew wide and she could tell he wanted the help. Sieska was guessing his bargain was no longer in place.
"Okay, but we have to be quick. The king is now occupied. He has something planned for that silly gathering of yours."
Sieska swallowed hard. She didn't want to know his plans. She wanted out of here and back to her castle. "Let's go then."
He nodded and opened the door. He looked both ways before gesturing to her to follow him. When they got outside the room he turned to her. "If you betray me, I will drag you to the king and tell him you tried to kill me."
"I will not betray you, I promise. Now let's go."
He eyed her one more time and then he abruptly turned and walked with a quick step down a corridor to a long hall way. Two massive doors stood before them.
"She is behind those doors?" He didn't say anything or look at her. Instead he pressed his ear to the door. Sieska was about to ask what he was doing. He quickly held up his hand as if he knew she was going to ask something. She stayed silent.
A moment passed and then very carefully he pushed in one of the doors. It gave easily to his touch. He peered in and his nose twitched. He turned his head to her and she knew that she was to continue to stay quiet. She just nodded.
He stepped in and then he gestured for her to come. The room's walls were as tall as the massive the doors. One wall was all glass. It overlooked the wintery forest. Frosty swirl patterns were all over the large window. He stopped and looked at one of the patterns down at his level. She saw him smile. With one finger he traced the pattern. When he pulled his finger away, there was frost stuck to his finger. He sniffed the frost and took a moment to breath the scent in.
Then it dawned on Sieksa, his love had done this. "Is she nearby?"
He answered her question by going through another door. She heard a gasp. It didn't sound like he had made it. He came through the doors with her. She was quite tiny. They suited each other. She eyed Sieska and mouthed out snow queen. He nodded.
"We must go while the king is busy." He led the way. She hurried to his side and Sieska followed them. There was a tingle in Sieska's paws that she couldn't shake. "I sense danger close by. We have to hide."
It appeared he sensed it too. "We'll hide in this room." He no sooner shut the door when footsteps could be heard outside. By the loud sound, Sieska knew it was a group. They all froze when they heard the king's voice. "Turn this castle upside down. Find them!"
Sieska saw a horrified look on both of thier faces. They knew if they were caught what would happen. Sieska didn't want to think what the winter king would do to them. It wouldn't be pleasant. "Stay calm, do either of you know any secret passages in this castle?" They looked at one another for a moment and then she smiled. "I do!"
He smiled at her. "Take us there."
He opened the door carefully and  everything was quiet. They all stepped out. Sieska's paws were still tingly. That didn't sit well with her. Danger was near by. She led them down a small narrow hallway. It went to a dead end and Sieska couldn't see any door or anything that would lead to a secret passage way.
There was a small table up against the wall. She dropped and crawled underneath it. Sieska still couldn't see anything under it. The tingle in her paws was strong again. She was about to warn them when she pushed on the wall and it opened. "Through here," she said.
Voices started to echo in the hallway. They were near. "They will find us right away if we don't get moving," said Sieska.
She went through first and then him. Sieska squeezed herself under the table and through the door. It was tight but she made it. He shut the door behind them just as the voices came near. They were coming down the hallway.
"Quickly, let's go," said Sieska. Neither one of them argued. The passageway was barely enough room for Sieska to fit through and at times they even had to squeeze their way through. That worried Sieska. What if they all got stuck down in the passage way?
The noise above them soon fell away. Sieska knew that they were far now from the area where they were. She just hoped that they were far enough away when they came out of this passage way. Finally, a small door that looked like it was planted into the earth came into view. It wasn't very big and Sieska wondered if she could fit through. He pulled on the latch. Some of the earth gave away. He pulled again and this time it budged. He got it to open.
All Sieska could see was more black earth. But when she came closer she could feel fresh air coming through. That was encouraging. He led the way with her close behind. Sieska just barley fit through. Her whiskers brushed up against roots and stone.
Then suddenly in their path was snow drifting toward them. Sieska was hoping that meant that they would be emerging soon.
She got her wish. Ice cold air hit them in the face as they stepped out over snow. When they were all out, Sieska quickly looked around for any danger. There was no tingle in her paws but a feeling of uncertainty came over her. "Do you know where we are?"
He looked around. He shook his head and then his eyes went wide. "I know we're we are. We have to get out of here. The winter trolls live around here. They have a camp not too far. If they find us, they will kill us."
"Do you know a path that takes us safely away from them?"
"Yes, but you never know where they are hiding. They always hunt. Plus, I'm sure they will have got word of our escape. They have spies everywhere. So,there could be more of them out there hunting." "Hunting for us," Sieska said.
He nodded.
"Then we better get going and be prepared to fight if we have to."
He led the way. It was a rough path. It felt like the snow covered brambles and shrubs had hands with sharp claws that reached out a grabbed them scratching them. His love fell once and he helped her up. Sieska could feel the fear in her. She couldn't blame her for the way she felt. But they had to keep going. It was getting late now and if they didn't get to some familiar territory, they would have to stay the night in an unfriendly forest.
She once again fell and this rime she hurt herself. He went down to help her when the snapping of twigs echoed in the forest. They all looked at one another. He just about had her up when an arrow flew down in front of them narrowing missing her. She shrieked.
More snapping of twigs erupted and now coming out of the snow covered brambles were a group of trolls. They wore a pelt of fur that belonged to some animal as a coat and the first thing that Sieska took note of was their husks. They resembled wild boars but stood upright with clubs in their hands. "What have we here?" Another one came up behind him sniffing. "It's the escapees. They will be worth something."
The head one smiled. "This is our lucky day then. Let's kill them."
Sieska growled at them and for a moment the trolls backed up. The trolls eyed her up.
"Don't come near or I will shred you."
The troll grunted. More trolls came crashing through. They had them surrounded now.
The head troll smiled at them. "Well, now who will shred who?"

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