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Here is the next chapter. Hope you enjoy.

Sieska eyed all the trolls. Their dark eyes all stared at them with a hunger. For the first time in a long time she felt uncertain and fearful.
The winter faerie and his love were keeping close to one another. Sieska saw her whisper something to him and could feel they were about to do something. It made her nervous. They could be making things worse she thought.
His love stepped away from him and flung out her hand at the crowd. The trolls started to cough and sputter and fall down. One by one they fell. The leader growled and yelled at the ones behind him to attack.
"Run," yelled the winter faerie. Sieska didn't argue. She leaped into the air and flew over top of the the trolls that were coming for her. She crashed through brambles that clawed at her and whipped at her in the face. The winter faerie and his love were right behind her.
Sieska continued to make path for them. When she looked back she didn't see any sign of the trolls. She slowed down then to let the other two catch up to her. They all stopped and looked around. They were now in a small clearing.
The sun was shining through the trees. Sieska knew what that meant. It was setting and they would be spending the night in the forest. She could smell the danger and knew that this was the last place that they should spend the night in.
"It's getting late and soon it will be dark. It looks like we will be spending the night here." She looked at the winter faerie. "Gather some dry wood from the dead trees that I see here. We'll light a small fire using your loves magic."
The winter faerie looked over at his love who nodded. His ice blue eyes were electric in the low winter's light. A shiver went through Sieska. He turned abruptly and left leaving her alone with the female winter faerie.
She was quite tiny but Sieska was guessing after that performance back at the trolls, she was very powerful.
"Thank you for what you did back there. You saved us," said Sieska.
A small smile crept across her lips. "I was glad to help. I know what the trolls can do."
Sieska took in a deep breath. "Is this why the winter king took you? Because of your power?"
She looked away for a moment and then eyed Sieska directly. Her eyes glimmered almost like a cats in the low light.
"He wanted more than my power. The king wanted me for his queen."
Sieska's eyes went wide. "Really? Your love was one of his guards. That must have been hard."
"Yes, it was and I vowed that I would not become the winter kings queen. Tami said that he would find a way."
Sieska sighed. "Yes, and I'm guessing it was not in the form of breaking out with me."
She smiled. "No, but it worked."
Sieska looked around. "Your love should have been back by now. Those dead trees are not that far away."
Sieska watched her turn to face the forest. She held out her hands and Sieska knew that she was trying to find him with her magic. She dropped her hands and gasped.
"What is it?" She whirled around and ran toward Sieska. "Run, they are coming!"
"I can run really fast but what about you?"
She eyed Sieska, Can you carry me on your back?"
Sieska looked at her and thought because she was small that she could. She nodded. She climbed onto Sieska's back and Sieska bound out of the clearing into the dark forest. It was almost dark now and Sieska had pretty good night vision but she had no idea where she was heading to. This was unfamiliar territory.
She leaned in close to Sieska. "I know a safe place just up ahead. It's knoll and there is a door going into it. We can hide inside."
Sieska took off at high speed. The winter faerie hung to the back of Sieska's coat tightly.
"There it is there, where that old knotted oak is."
"I see it," said Sieska. But when they got there, Sieska could sense that something was not right. She could smell the winter faerie.
She got off Sieska and ran for the door but stopped abruptly before she got to the door. The door opened and out came one of the winter king's guards. Sieska recognized the guard from the castle. He was the one who spoke to Tami.
He had a wicked grin on his face. "Why hello my dear, fancy finding you here?" He chuckled. "You are just too predictable. Too easy to find." He sighed. ‘The king was quite distressed when you disappeared. Then he got word of the troll attack. You barely escaped. Now he is out for blood." Sieska noticed that she didn't back away from him. She had her arms crossed. "Where is Tami?"
The guard shrugged. "No concern of mine."
She let out a low growl and he frowned. "No need to get angry with me dear. I'm not the one who took off into the dangerous troll forest and caused all kinds of trouble for herself and her love."
She growled again. "Where is Tami?" Sieska could feel the tension growing between them.
"Don't worry about him, the king is keeping him safe for you."
"I don't believe you." She flew at him and knocked him down. Sieska froze for a moment. Then she bounded towards them. She was using her magic on him. Her hands were around his throat. His eyes were now closed and laid underneath her lifeless.
"Is he...
"No he is not dead. I could have killed him but I didn't. I don't want to make things worse for Tami." She got up and looked down at the guard. "We have to go back and get Tami."
Sieska shook her head. "I'm not sure that is a wise idea. The castle will be surrounded with guards. They will find us right away."
"Not if I use my magic. I can hide us."
Sieska did not like this idea at all. "It sounds too dangerous. I can't risk my kingdom for...
"A winter faerie," she finished. “I understand but I have to go back and will. So, you can go on your way and I will go on my way."
Sieska was taken back by her determination but knew she was making a mistake. "I'm sure your magic is strong but there are those there that equal you and they will find you and when they do, what do you think the king will do with you then? You will never get away."
She could see her bottom lip quiver. Sieska sighed. "I will take you but on my terms. If there is no way we can get in, then we turn around and come back to my castle."
Her face showed hope then. "We will find a way."
"It's dark out now. Let's go inside here and stay the night. What are we supposed to do with him?" She looked down at the guard and smiled. “Drag him inside. I think we just found our way inside the castle."

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