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The Feline Snow Queen
Part 22

Sieska didn’t know how she did it but the guard was leading the way to the castle. She also learned her name. It was Starry. As little as she was, Sieska could feel the power in her. No wonder the winter king desired her.
Sieska followed close behind them. The snowy trail glittered in the dappled shade of the trees. Every once in a while the sun came through and made the fresh snow sparkle like diamonds. The guard who Starry called Bash continued on with no problems and Sieska wondered what that meant. She knew they were near where Trolls hunted but yet there was no sign of them. It didn’t make her feel very good for some reason. The quietness was all too eerie and Sieska expected at any moment for the silence to erupt into chaos.
Starry looked back at her. “Are you alright? I can sense your apprehension.”
Sieska sniffed out. “It’s too quiet.”
Starry smiled. “Don’t worry about it. We are safe.”
Sieska didn’t want to ask why or what she had done to make things safe. She was sure that magic was involved. Sieska decided not to challenge her.
The guard Bash stopped and turned to Starry. “The castle is over this knoll. We will pass into one of the king’s secret passages. Then I will take you to Tami.”
Sieska watched Starry nod. She looked back at Sieska. “We are here now.”
Before Sieska took another step. “What plan to you have in place once inside?”
“I’ll leave with Tami and then you are free to go. I don’t for see any trouble.”
Sieska wanted to ask why. Her paws tingled and that told her that going with her would be dangerous. Something was up she felt. Was she going to betray her? All kind of things were going through Sieska’s mind. The closer they got to the castle, the more anxious Sieska felt.
Bash stopped at the gates where two guards stood. They never even looked at them. They all went past them like they didn’t see them. Now Sieska was nervous.
Starry was too confident. They walked inside the door to the secret passage way. It was dark and not much light. Bash produced a light from his hands that lit up the small passage way. Sieska was taken back by his magic. She wondered what else he could do. They finally reached the end where another door awaited them.
Bash turned around to them both before opening the door. “Tami is just down the hallway. We will go there first and open the door for you.”
Sieska noticed for the first time that his eyes were glazed over. Starry had spelled him. That didn’t sit well with Sieska. The sooner they got out of here the better. Bash did what he told Starry. He unlocked the door to where Tami was and Starry turned to Sieska. “Stay out here and I will come out with him."
Sieska nodded. Sieska tried to look inside but she couldn’t see Tami. Another tingle went through her paws. She couldn’t believe that she was back inside the winter king’s castle. She kept glancing around for any sign of movement.
A few minutes had already passed and Sieska was about to go in to see what was going on but something inside her told her not to. Then suddenly there was movement from inside the room. She backed up expecting them to come out with Tami. Instead she saw someone else.
It was the winter king and he was grinning from ear to ear. “My dear snow queen.”
Sieska whirled around and bounded for the door that they came through. She stopped short. The door was no longer there. Sieska shook her head. She knew it was the faerie magic. They were masters at illusion. Then she knew that the door was still there. So Sieska imagined the door and imagined pulling at the latch. She did it! She saw the tunnel again.
She ran not looking once behind her. It was dark and all she had to go on was her senses. She knew it would be soon and she would be on the outside again. And she was!
Unfortunately, someone was waiting for her. The winter king was waiting for her. He grinned at her. “You must remember, this castle is full of magic and I know every secret passage there is in this castle."
She growled looking for a way to get away from him but she didn’t see any as she saw the two guards from where they entered through come up behind him. She was trapped-again.
  “I will not stay with you and I demand that you let me go back to my own castle. I’m sure there are cats out there right now hunting for me.”
The winter king nodded. “Yes, they are. Keshar has been leading them. Now that is one cat I would like to have in my possession. I wonder if he will come here or not. Then I would have a fine pair of cats, would I not?”
Sieska shook her head. “I don’t think so.”
The winter king shook his head back at her and started to saunter casually toward her. He had that same icy chain in his hands. She would not be dragged back inside. She bounded around him and barely missed being caught by one of the guards. They were fast and they were right behind her.
No matter how fast she went, they kept up. She kept going but suddenly was ambushed from the side and knocked into brambles and fell down a steep knoll tumbling with someone. They were right close to her. Sieska knew this was not a winter faerie. When they finally stopped, all Sieska could see was black fur with some white here and there. She shook her head and so did they.
They eyed her. “Surprised to see me?”
“I would say so, what are you doing here?”
She sniffed. “You could say thank you first and then ask me how I rescued you.”
Sieska sighed. “Why don’t we get out of here first and then I can thank you and you can tell me everything then, your high queen?”
Shae snorted. “Of course.” They both bounded away from the castle. Shae led Sieska to a camp that was hidden near the winter king’s forest. She saw her own cats as well as some of Keshar’s and Shae’s. This was a whole cat effort to rescue her. She felt honored that they would do this for her. Scamper was the first one to greet them. He looked relieved. He howled into the air and instantly she saw him come. Keshar was coming at her on full speed. Sieska let out a sigh of relief. Seeing all these cats was the most welcome sight.

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