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Keshar bounded up to her and almost slammed into her. Sieska could see his wild cat eyes. They were filled with worry which for the first time let her with a funny feeling and it wasn't a bad one.
This was one of those excited feels.
"Are you alright?"
She nodded. "I fine thanks to Shae here who attacked me out of no where."
Shae threw her a look. Sieska smirked. "She saved me and I am most thankful."
Shae smiled and gave Keshar a look. Sieska noticed.
Before she asked, Shae left the two of them a lone to join her own cats. Sieska then turned her attention to Keshar. "Tell me what all this is. Was this all to find me?"
Keshar threw his head up at her. "It certainly was my queen." He grinned.
Sieska felt this warmth run through her. "I thank you for the rescue. Shae was exceptional except for the table down the hill. I am thankful that I have you all."
Keshar smiled. "I think we are all thankful for knowing you. You tried to bring everybody together. We could have lost you to that evil winter king."
"For a moment I thought I was lost as well. I'm not sure what happened to the two winter fey who helped me and the kidnapped me again?"
Keshar shook his head. "I'm not sure what that is all about but I think it would be advised to stay away from the winter faeries."
"Oh, I will. But I still want to set some boundaries with them. I have had enough. this must end."
Keshar nodded. "Then what do we do?"
She eyed him and looked over at all the cats. They were getting ready to make the trip back to their own territory. She knew the winter king might have sent out fey soldering to get her.
She took a deep breath. "I will continue with the party but on a much smaller scale. I will gather them someplace that is perhaps neutral."
"Where would that be?" Then he narrowed his gaze at her and before she answered he said, "You are talking about my territory, aren't you?"
Her nose twitched. "Well, you are in neutral territory so to speak. You have not formally claimed the area. But you could now when we all gather in the open forest."
She could tell Keshar did not like the idea but then sighed. "Okay, but we must have all guard cats available to protect the area."
Sieska nodded. "Of course. We should get back to the castle before we lose light. I don't want to be hunted down again."
Keshar bounded back to his cats who were almost ready to head out.
The air was getting colder and colder as they let the winter king's forest. They all sniffed the air and could feel something coming.  Sieska knew what it was. She didn't like being caught out in. Winter storms and that was what was coming. If they had to they would take shelter but her concern was the deep cold on the all the cats. They had to et back.
Shae and her cats were leading the way. They were starting to go through a lot of snow and small snow flakes started to fall around them. Sieska knew that in a short time the snowflakes would thicker and thicker until they wouldn't be able to see. The wind was also starting to swirl around their feet as they drudged through.
They now we're on the edges of Shae's forest when all they could see was grey cloud looming over them. Sieska knew what that meant. The snow would be falling really hard any time now and they couldn't do anything about it. A little bit of fear and antic settled in
Sieska was hoping that they would make it to Shae's castle before it got too bad. Then a howl filled the air. Sieska could hear hisses from the cats. Keshar came bounding to her. "We want to for a tight one and look fierce. The winter wolves are out and about. We don't need to look like prey for them."
Sieska's cats had already formed an outline around her and Keshar with Shae and her cats still leading the way. She was making good time and if they all just kept going they would be in he forest and soon be at her castle before the wolves decided to investigate or the blizzard swallowed them up.
Keshar caught the scent first and Siesak looked up and over on a ridge was the wolves. Sieska could see their leader out front watching them. She knew who he was. He was the oldest wolf in the pack. He was Pasha. Sieska respected him and she thought for the most part he respected her back. In any case, she would soon find out.
As they go closer, both Keshar and Sieska never took their eyes off of the wolves. Silently they passed by them without one wolf moving. Sieska could feel Pasha's eyes on her but she held her own and kept walking beside Keshar.
One of Shae's cats let out a howl. She looked over at Keshar not knowing for sure what the signal was about. She quickly looked back but the wolves were still there watching them go.
It was snowing so hard now that they could not see. The cat let out another howl and Keshar nudged her. "We must move now. We are in the high queen's forget now. It's just a little more ways. We have made it."
Relief washed over Sieska. the cats around them found their enters and took off through the snowy mass. They too bounded forward. In the distance Sieska could hear the cry of the wolf. Sieska knew it was Pasha. He was granting them with much luck.
Shae's castle never looked so good when she finally saw it. The wind now was starting to really pick up. The doors were wide open and the other cats inside were helping all the cats in. Shae waited for Keshar and Sieska. They all went in together.
Finally everyone was in and accounted for and the doors were shut. The warmth from the fireplaces soon melted the snow off of their backs and they were starting to warm up.
Shae's cars were preparing food for them all and soon they were all ushered into the next room where warm milk and cream waited for them. Sieska could smell fish as well. She couldn't wait to eat and rest.
They would all have to stay here for the night and head back in the morning after the storm passed.
After a while the cats has all ate and were laying in another room washing themselves up and some were already sleeping on big cushions that had been laid out for them.
"Thank you Shae for all this. You have come through in a big way and have proven yourself to be worthy part of our kingdom."
"I was always was," she said wryly.
Sieska grinned. "Yeah, I know. No one seconded guessed the high queen. But today you have risen to a new level and have proven that you are made of real high queen stuff."
Sieska at first thought she insulted her but then Shae just laughed at her.
Keshar came over and joined them. "So, I was thinking about this gathering in what is to be my forest and wondering who is going to invite them all. You inviting them didn't quite work out."
Sieska nodded. "I know and I have thought about that and I think I know the prefect one to assemble them all."
Both Shae and Keshar looked at her. Shae was the one to lean over to her. "Who?"
"The winter queen. She will be the one to get everyone gathered. They will listen to her."
Shae snorted. "You mean if they don't listen to her, she will threaten them."
Sieska nodded. "Whatever it takes to end this, she can threaten all she wants."
Keshar nodded. "Okay, but we have to prepare for any disruptions that they might bring."
Shae looked over at him. "Don't worry about that. I think I can think of a little cat magic that might keep everyone in order."
Sieska watched her as she patted Keshar's paw.

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