Thursday, 2 June 2016


Welcome and today's flash fiction is about wishes and desires. Also the next chapter to The Feline Snow Queen is below this. Happy reading!

The Wishing Tree
flash fiction

It can be the most peaceful moment of your life when you first see it.
It stands in the water like a perfect silhouette in its own reflection.
Some are scared to go near it as stories go around telling tales of bad luck.
Most take their chances though and on a calm evening like this, they set about to make a wish.
What brings most here is varied. But most are here for prayers and answers for their own hearts.
Most of the time there is someone there for a loved one. They are either missing or dying.
Some just haven’t seen their loved one for a long time and want to make sure they are okay.
For whatever reason they come, they all stare out at the tree and take a deep breath.
They are making their wish.
If you look out at the tree when the wishes are being made, it sometimes moves.
Maybe it’s a breeze from the water, who knows.
But I like to think the tree has caught their wishes.
If the wishes are granted is another thing. They all go away with a hopeful look in their eyes.
One time I remember a mother had her son show up out of nowhere.
And another time someone found their dog.
You never know if it was just fate and that was the way life worked out or if their wish was truly granted.
No matter what, they come all the time on a calm evening and make their wishes.
I made one a long time ago. Did it come true?
Well, I can’t say what the wish was all about but sometime later, I did hear from the person I wanted to know was okay.
They had thought about me for some reason and on a whim, wrote me a letter wanting to know how I was doing and hoped that I was okay.
I smiled and wrote them back saying, yeah I was okay and was glad they were too.

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