Thursday, 7 July 2016


Hope your summer is going great and not too hot. I hope you enjoy a little Vintage Love in this week's flash fiction. Also the last chapter to The Feline Snow Queen is below this. Happy reading! 

Vintage Love

You were always different. That’s what I liked about you.
When I received you special invitation, I knew I was in for something different but special.
I replied right away and said I would be there.
The dress had to be perfect and I knew just the place to go. There was a vintage clothing store next to a thrift store. I always went to both places.
I found a flappers style dress. It was mint green in color with silver beads at the bottom. The beads jingled when I tried to dance.
I did my hair in a classic style and painted my lips red.
You told me you were going to pick me up and I knew I would be picked up in something special.
I was right. You had somehow talked your brother into lending you his antique car. I had no idea what kind it was. It was baby blue.
You leaped out and opened the door for me. When you got back in, you handed me a bouquet of roses.
I knew they came out of your mother’s prized rose garden. I wondered you asked.
When we got back to your place, I saw it right away. “Where did you get that thing? Does it work?” “Of course it does. We will dance to it later.”
I was sceptical but I gave you the shadow of the doubt.
You served me tea sandwiches and green tea with cream and sugar.
For dessert, you gave me a strawberry cupcake with a pink rose on top sprinkled with silver sugar. You always called it fairy dust.
I loved your strawberry cupcakes. You were the best baker around.
Finally, we got to dance. You fiddled around with the old gramophone and then to my surprise, it started to play music. I looked at you and you winked as you offered me your hand. We danced to music from another time.
It was lovely.
It made funny noises at times but we kept on dancing.

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