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Here is the final chapter. Hope you enjoy!

The Feline Snow Queen
Part 24

The winter Queen accepted the task. Sieska and Keshar were quite happy that she did. They both laid out some rules and she accepted those as well even though she didn’t like it. They had to be firm with her or they knew she would cause trouble from the start.
It was two days till the gathering in the forest. Keshar had his cats and other cats from Sieska’s clan and Shae’s clan stake out the area for guarding. They had to prepare for the unexpected. Keshar was also prepared to use his magic.
Sieska had received from the queen a list of those who would be attending. The list was impressive. She had rounded up all the courts and even the fox felines. Also, there was a unexpected guest too, the winter king. She wondered what arrangement the queen had made with him for him to attend. Sieska only hoped that it wouldn't be something at their expense. Sieska tried to stay calm but every time thoughts of them all gathered in this clearing, it sent shivers through her and made her paws tingle.
Keshar came into the large room where Sieska was. She noticed how sure he looked in the way his chest was sticking out and his head held high. She grinned at him as he came up and stopped in front of her. “I have good news for once.”
“Well, don’t hold it back, share the good news.”
“All of the fae courts have signed a peace agreement among themselves. That means they won’t be bothering us anymore.”
Sieska’s eyes went wide. “How did that happen?”
“You won’t believe who put that together?”
Sieska shook her head. “I can’t even imagine.”
“It was our feline high queen herself, Shae.”
Sieska almost dropped. “How did she do that?”
Keshar sat down on a cushion and Sieska joined him. “It had to do with the winter queen and her talking to them all and the winter queen trusted her enough to put something together.”
Sieska shook her head. “She amazes me at times.”
Keshar laughed softly. “I know. Maybe it was the kidnapping that changed her?”
All Sieska could do was shake her head. She looked at Keshar. “I wonder what the fox felines think of this or the trolls.” Then another one came into her mind. “And the winter king. I can’t imagine that he would be a part of this peace agreement.”
Keshar sighed. “But he did and you know what I think? He still loves his queen.”
Sieska’s eyes went wide. Keshar nodded. “I think so. Love will do strange things. Even to winter kings.”
Sieska shook her head in amazement.
The day had come and it was a bit of a blustery day. Sieska thought somehow that was perfect considering who was all gathering. A stormy day was perfect for them since they all caused some kind of storms in their past with her. Sieska had received word that the winter queen would be the first to arrive in the forest and she would be the one to greet the attendees. Keshar and Sieska agreed to this. Since the peace agreement was reached in the courts, Sieska thought this would work out for the most part-she hoped.
The guard cats were all in their place in what was now officially Keshar’s territory. Sieska and her closest guard cats arrived. She took the moment to survey the area. The large snowflakes flew around in chaos. She hoped that it was just the snow that would be chaotic and not anything else. This was an all too important day. Then she smelled the air. She was here.
Sieska turned around and coming up in a winged horse drawn carriage was the winter queen. Sieska tilted her head. She was not alone. There was someone sitting beside her. Her eyes grew wide as she soon recognized who her passenger was. It was the winter king.
This feeling came over Sieska. This day was going to be a day of surprises. She only hoped it was for the best.
The winter queen stepped down first followed by the winter king. Keshar and his cats greeted them first. Both bowed to Keshar. Sieska stayed back and watched in amazement. She was quite content to let them carry this out. For once she didn’t’ have to hold things together.
The winter king then waved his hand and a large snowy throne formed. Then he escorted the winter queen to her throne. She looked on with a wicked smile that sent a shiver through Sieska. But at the same time, she couldn’t help but admire her for what she was about to do. The fox felines were the first to arrive. She greeted them and they bowed to her and then to Keshar who was standing by with his cats. They took their place along with everyone else that was on the list that Sieska had read. They all had come. The opening in the forest was full. Right now everyone was on their best behavior. Sieska felt prickles in her paw every once in a while. She wasn’t sure how to take it. She just took a deep breath and took her place with the others.
The winter queen stood up. She held onto her staff that had a white globe on top. She looked over at every one. “Welcome to this forest of Keshar. We have gathered here on this monumental day. As of today we form an alliance to protect what now will be a kingdom that houses all our kingdoms. This kingdom will be known as the Keshar Highland Blue Kingdom. This is named after the ancient ones that Keshar comes from. There are still some of them out there. Let’s hope they will come here. Today we all agree to protect this new kingdom and honor our alliance against any intruders who challenge it. Show me your solidarity!” She tapped her staff and that caused them all to cheer and celebrate. Sieska looked around. That was it? She didn’t make them sign anything? But then she noticed something. There was a blue light that was coming from Keshar and it was rising into the middle of them and towering over them. They all looked up and praised it in their own way.
Sieska looked over at Keshar. Their eyes met. He nodded at her. She nodded in response. A funny feeling came over her.
After the light disappeared, everyone started to dance to the music that suddenly came out of nowhere. Keshar was suddenly in front of her. They stared at one another for a moment. He spoke first. “Come walk with me for a bit.” He led her off to a small path that led to where a small creek ran through. Sieska could hear the gurgle of water. Keshar leaped up and he started to drink the cold fresh water. She leapt up next to him and watched him for a moment. Then silently she bent down and drank too.
After a moment of silence, he nudged her. Keshar leaped down and waited for her. She soon followed. They walked further down this small path. Out the corner of her eye she watched him. He looked back at her. Keshar stopped when they got to another small clearing. “This is a very special day. My mentor back then told me that my magic was going to come to something important. It did. The Keshar Highland Blue Kingdom is now alive. It will grow and prosper with all the kingdoms under it.”
Sieska could feel his pride and she was proud of him. This was a special day indeed.
“There is something else that would make this day even more special.”
“What would that be?”
“For you to be my queen. I mean a Keshar Highland Blue Queen.”
Her eyes went wide. “Are you asking me to be your mate?”
Keshar sniffed and sputtered for a moment. Instead of saying anything, he quickly nodded. She laughed. His expression was one of hope and she could tell he was holding his breath. She quickly nodded back.
“Does that mean…
“Yes,” she laughed. Keshar leaped and bounced all around her like a spring kitten. The snowflakes danced around him and was sticking to his fur. His eyes were wild and feral but beautiful thought Sieska.
“We should get back,” she told him. They walked back and stopped for a moment to watch the festivities. Sieska looked over at Keshar. “Well, we have come a long ways since that gathering I had in my forest where you left me that strange silver ball.”
He let out a huff. “I would say. Do you still have that silver ball?”
“I do believe I do. Why?”
“I gave you that for hopes ones day that you would become my mate. It supposed to have magic in it for love.”
She stared back at him. Then she just shook her head. “Come, let’s share our news with our own cats and then everyone else. Although the first one I would like to tell is our high queen, Shae. She has become special.”
“That we will do then.”
Sieska took a deep breath before they joined the rest. “This is a wonderful day but it will not be easy.”
“I agree Sieska. It will not be easy but we will now have each other as a whole kingdom to support each other. That is a good thing.”
Sieska nodded. “Yes it is. Let’s go find our cats.”
They both bounded toward the gathering.

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