Thursday, 28 July 2016


Hello! Today's flash fiction is about that other world. Hope you enjoy. The short story is still not finished. Maybe next week. Summer is being busy as usual. Have a great weekend!

The Paths
flash fiction

There were only two paths that led to this world.
You would be wise not take either path. No one had ever said what this world was like or if you even could come back to this one.
Yet many would go half way and see the bright sunny end of the path and would turn around.
Some said you would burn if you got close.
I followed it once.
When I got to the end I did not burn.
It was warm like the sun here. It felt nice.
I stepped across to the other side. There was no fear inside of me.
The world on the other side looked much like our side. There were trees and wild flowers. I could smell the sweet grass and the sun warmed my face.
There was another path on the other side that led down a small hill.
I decided to try going down there to see what was there.
The air was cooler as I was shaded from the large trees that formed a canopy over the small path. Dampness clung to my skin and I could hear water. I figured this path led to a small creek or something and I was right.
 I stood and looked over the foliage that was as high as my waist. Then I saw movement.
That’s when I knew maybe I should not have taken this path. I looked back to where the sun cast a narrow beam down the top of the hill where the path began.
I wanted to go back to it so I slowly turned around and started my way back.
Perhaps they saw me anyways.
I didn’t get to far when words that sounded different pulled me around to face who said them.
He was tall, greenish hair and his skin was light brown with brown flecks here and there. From the sides of his head, pointy ears poked out his greenish hair.
It was the eyes that made me mesmerized. They were gold and green and wide like a deer’s.
There was also a small set of horns that protruded out his head.
We stared at one another and then he spoke again to me.
His language was strange and beautiful at the same time.
I pointed to myself and said my name.
He smiled and tilted his head at me. I could hear the jingle of his earrings hitting one another.
My name sounded different when he said it but I knew he said it.
Bravely he came up to me. The smell of the forest filled my senses.
Out of nowhere he held a flower in front of me. It almost looked like a black eyed susan but not sure. He placed it in my hair.
I nodded and turned to go back up the path and he followed me. I kept going without turning around. I never stopped until I got to one of the paths that led back to my world.
Just before I stepped across, I felt a tug on my clothing.
I turned and he pointed to the other path. My foot went to the other path instead.
I looked back at him one more time and then stepped over to my world.
I walked a bit before turning to look back.
When I did, all I saw was the sunny end.
I continued back but stopped.
Before me was a trail of black eyed susans.
I followed them all the way home.

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