Thursday, 14 July 2016


Good day to everyone! Today's flash fiction is about a strong independent queen. I hope you enjoy The Winter Queen's Tree.
There is no short story this week. Hopefully next week I will have a brand new short story for you. Until then Happy reading!

The Winter Queen's Tree
flash fiction

The cold draped down like a heavy froth. The frost was put there by the queen herself.
Anyone who tried to go near the tree would never make it back to where they came from.
She was a wicked queen and she used her cold to rule her realm. It is said that for every rope of frost that hangs on the tree represents a king that she has slain.
No king ever won her heart either. She never trusted love.
Even Jack Frost himself could not woo her. She did not trust him as he was full of mischief. He would freeze her roses stiff. Could never catch him to punish him though.
One day another suitor dare came to woo her. He called himself the north wind king.
She was enthralled by this king. She invited him to her castle and they sat where the view of the tree could be seen.
The sun shone on it this day and made it sparkle like a thousand diamonds.
The north wind king looked out at the tree. “You made that tree and kings before me hand there, is that right?
She nodded. His cold blue eyes looked over at her. “I will not hang there my queen.”
She smiled. “The others said the same.”
He laughed. “I’m not like the others.”
The queen tilted her head at him. “What’s makes you different.”
“I’m colder than you and I have more power.”
“Then why did you come?”
“I want a strong queen by my side.”
Her eyes turned dark like a storm. “I will not stand aside and let you rule. I rule.”
He laughed at her. “Yes, I’m sure you do but…
Before he could finish, she tapped the floor with her staff sending frost up to his chair and onto him. He brushed away the frost and laughed. “That little trick will not do. This is how you do it.”
He snapped his fingers and frost formed in the air taking on the form of white serpents. They hissed and breathed out cold that hung in the air.
She fought back with her own frost that formed a larger dragon.
The king laughed and sent his serpents after her dragon. They destroyed her dragon in no time.
Then he looked at her. “See? I am not weak like those other kings.”
“I see. So, what do you propose?”
He smiled. “Be my queen and you will be the happiest queen in the whole realm.”
The queen tapped her staff. The serpents shattered into a thousand pieces and then their icy shards surrounded the north king forming a cage with him inside.
Now she laughed. “You are right, you have made me the happiest queen in the realm.”
Now the north wind king hangs in his bird like cage in the frost tree.
Someday she said, she will turn them all into little winter birds.

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