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Hello. Hope everyone is keeping cool. Today's flash fiction is where a dreamer lives. Hope you enjoy! I'm working on a short story right now. I may post it later on today or tomorrow. And remember if you want to send me some tea money, there is the tip jar at the end. Thank you.

Where The Dreamer Lives
flash fiction

No one knows his name. I heard some call him Sam and others call him Henry.
I think they just named him whatever they liked.
He lived in a tiny house that sat on the shore of the stillest waters. It was like he lived on glass.
He could conjure up any dream for anyone. I never asked what they had to do for this.
I’m sure there was a cost. No one ever said what they had to pay.
It was like they had to keep it a secret.
My friend was going to the dreamer today. I thought she was brave.
I asked her if she could maybe tell me about her experience. She said she would tell me everything.
I waited for her at the edge of the shore. I watched her go down the long pier to his little house.
It felt like forever before she came out.
I ran to the edge of the pier to greet her. I knew by the look on her face that something was different about her.
“What happened,” I asked her.
She just shook her head and walked past me.
I followed her to the beach where she sat down on the blankets we brought.
I asked again what happened. “Did you get your dream?”
She shook her head and I asked why. She looked over at me and told me that he knew that I would tell you of my experience and that I was not ready for asking for the right dream.
I was surprised and confused.
I looked over at the tiny house. It looked so quiet and even looked like no one even lived there.
“Did you even see anyone?”
Her eyes went wide. “I never seen a face but I felt a presence. I sat down at a small table overlooking the ocean. I sat there and stared out at the ocean and I started to think about what I wanted.”
“What was that,” I asked her.
“Courage for what. You are most confident.”
She smiled. “Thank you but this is something different. I wanted to ask the dreamer for courage to tell someone something.”
“Oh, and you weren’t ready?”
“I guess not.”
“Well, maybe next time.”
We left and the next day I came back, out curiosity mostly. I had to know what she saw.
I took a deep breath and walked the pier. I think I broke out in a cold sweat when I reached the little house.
I almost turned around.
But I didn’t and I opened the door. The table was there like my friend said looking out over the ocean.
When I stepped inside, a young man turned around. I had not seen him.
He smiled and gestured for me to sit at the table. I did.
He sat down opposite me. He looked at me with violet blue eyes. I was not scared.
“I have been expecting you.”
My chest pounded. “Really?”
He nodded. “Yes, you have come because of your friend.”
I nodded but I really didn’t know why I came.
He said that my friend had something to tell me. I needed to be there for them and listen carefully.
“Is there something wrong with her?”
He shook his head. “She is fine but she has a story to tell you. It’s up to you to listen.”
I nodded. “Then I will listen to whatever it is.”
He smiled and was pleased. He got up then and went back to the window to look out. He never said no more.
I got up and left and went down the pier to where my friend was waiting.
“How did you know I was here?”
She smiled. “My dream came true.”

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