Thursday, 25 August 2016


Hello! Hope all is well. Today I'm offering something a bit different. I like all animals of course but I am a cat person. This cute fella caught my attention. Hope you enjoy!
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flash fiction

Meet Bert. He likes most people and will even bring them stuff.
He likes to be petted and given treats to chew on. Although an old shoe can’t be beat.
Loves going to the park but not to run so much as to sit in the sun in the grass with his owner letting the breeze cool him.
Bert is a dog as one can clearly see but there is something different about Bert. He doesn’t bark.
This is where Bert stands out from other dogs.
You see Bert meows. He has always meowed. It’s what he does.
His owner has accepted it as how Bert talks. Other cats in the neighbourhood think this is funny and have teased him about it.
Bert doesn’t mind. He’s proud that he meows and will continue.
He thinks other dogs will want to meow like him. Why wouldn’t they?
For now though he will chew his owner’s old shoe and have his supper in a bit. Then he will curl up on his favourite sunny spot and take a nap.
He might even purr.

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Thursday, 18 August 2016


Hello! Today I have one of my strange poems. Hope you enjoy!

I Imagine

The rain falls down on the garden.
The wet kisses make the daisies bow their heads, in shyness I imagine.
A frog leaps out from under a hosta leaf to catch a wet kiss.
Is he a prince?
No one knows, I imagine.

The robin sings for more rain.
The rain soothes the ground and brings life to the surface.
The robin bounces to the ground in anticipation of what the rain brings it.
Big fat worms, I imagine.

The rain falls on my face, my hair and my clothes.
I'm trenched in the rain's wet kisses.
It must love me, like I love you, I imagine.

I dance in the rain to its own tune.
The rain does not care how badly you dance, as long as you feel its spirit.
Whatever the rain sonnet is, I will listen and dream of you and I forever.
You and I.
I imagine.

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Thursday, 11 August 2016


Hello and hope your summer is going great. Today's flash fiction is all about magic. Hope you enjoy !

The Water Enchanter
flash fiction

He was the only one there was. His name was Jamir.
The water always came at his summoning. It would rise high in the air and almost stand there looking down at him.
Maybe there were eyes there and Jamir was the only one who could see them.
With a flick of his wrist he could twist and turn the water to whatever he wanted to.
Some called Jamir a water god but others preferred to call him a water enchanter. It was magic no matter what you called him.
One day I went up to him and he turned to me. His eyes stopped me in my tracks and kept me from coming any closer.
He smiled though and gestured for me to stand beside him. I was hesitant but eventually moved slowly beside him.
“Watch this,” he said. The water jumped into the air and I thought it was going to the moon. Then it rained down on us but I didn’t get wet. How was that possible?
He winked at me. He knew I wanted to know how he did that. Jamir I knew would not tell me.
For the next twenty minutes I watched the water do tricks like a dog and then suddenly the water just settled to the surface and stayed.
Jamir frowned but then quickly grinned. “The water says it’s had enough for now. And it is time to take you back as well.”
My eyes went wide. “Take me back?”
He nodded. “Take you back home.”
“That’s okay, I can go back on my own.” But when I turned around it was all water. There was no peer or anything for me to walk on.
I looked at him and he tilted his head at me. “Need some help?”
I nodded. He came up beside me and with a snap of his fingers the peer appeared and we walked together side by side.
I looked over at him. “Are you real?”
He did not answer and I asked no more. When we got to the end of the peer he bid me a good bye.
I thanked him for the show he gave me and he smiled. “I will show you another show soon.”
I turned and walked away but turned one more time but he was gone.
That night it rained and I watched out the window and in the distance I could see someone standing in the rain.
I’m not sure but I think I saw the rain dance.

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Thursday, 4 August 2016


Hope everyone is having a great summer. Today's flash fiction is about friendship. Hope you enjoy!
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We met on a summer day and we became instant friends. It was like we were meant to be soul mates. You told me stuff that I knew you told no one else and I never told anyone else. You gave me your trust and I honored it. I told you stuff as well.
As time went on though, things changed. You talked about some problems you were having and you never confided in me what they were.
I never pushed you to tell me even though a part of me was hurt that you didn’t trust me enough to tell me.
The day you left to go figure stuff out was the day that I knew I lost you.
That hurt but I didn’t let it show when you came to say good bye.
I could see hurt in your eyes and it pained me and I couldn’t take it any longer and asked you what was wrong.
You broke down and told me what was wrong. Money problems had forced you to move to a bigger city to get better work to pay it all off.
I nodded and understood and knew what you had to do. Then I pulled you close and whispered three little words in your ear-forget me not.
You smiled back. “Never, would I forget you.”
One whole year passed. We kept in touch for the most part and then everything went kind of silent and I wondered.
Out of the blue you show up and present me with some pretty blue flowers. I knew what they were and almost laughed.
You handed them over to me and said –"forget me not."
I replied-"Never."

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