Thursday, 25 August 2016


Hello! Hope all is well. Today I'm offering something a bit different. I like all animals of course but I am a cat person. This cute fella caught my attention. Hope you enjoy!
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flash fiction

Meet Bert. He likes most people and will even bring them stuff.
He likes to be petted and given treats to chew on. Although an old shoe can’t be beat.
Loves going to the park but not to run so much as to sit in the sun in the grass with his owner letting the breeze cool him.
Bert is a dog as one can clearly see but there is something different about Bert. He doesn’t bark.
This is where Bert stands out from other dogs.
You see Bert meows. He has always meowed. It’s what he does.
His owner has accepted it as how Bert talks. Other cats in the neighbourhood think this is funny and have teased him about it.
Bert doesn’t mind. He’s proud that he meows and will continue.
He thinks other dogs will want to meow like him. Why wouldn’t they?
For now though he will chew his owner’s old shoe and have his supper in a bit. Then he will curl up on his favourite sunny spot and take a nap.
He might even purr.

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