Thursday, 4 August 2016


Hope everyone is having a great summer. Today's flash fiction is about friendship. Hope you enjoy!
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We met on a summer day and we became instant friends. It was like we were meant to be soul mates. You told me stuff that I knew you told no one else and I never told anyone else. You gave me your trust and I honored it. I told you stuff as well.
As time went on though, things changed. You talked about some problems you were having and you never confided in me what they were.
I never pushed you to tell me even though a part of me was hurt that you didn’t trust me enough to tell me.
The day you left to go figure stuff out was the day that I knew I lost you.
That hurt but I didn’t let it show when you came to say good bye.
I could see hurt in your eyes and it pained me and I couldn’t take it any longer and asked you what was wrong.
You broke down and told me what was wrong. Money problems had forced you to move to a bigger city to get better work to pay it all off.
I nodded and understood and knew what you had to do. Then I pulled you close and whispered three little words in your ear-forget me not.
You smiled back. “Never, would I forget you.”
One whole year passed. We kept in touch for the most part and then everything went kind of silent and I wondered.
Out of the blue you show up and present me with some pretty blue flowers. I knew what they were and almost laughed.
You handed them over to me and said –"forget me not."
I replied-"Never."

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