Thursday, 18 August 2016


Hello! Today I have one of my strange poems. Hope you enjoy!

I Imagine

The rain falls down on the garden.
The wet kisses make the daisies bow their heads, in shyness I imagine.
A frog leaps out from under a hosta leaf to catch a wet kiss.
Is he a prince?
No one knows, I imagine.

The robin sings for more rain.
The rain soothes the ground and brings life to the surface.
The robin bounces to the ground in anticipation of what the rain brings it.
Big fat worms, I imagine.

The rain falls on my face, my hair and my clothes.
I'm trenched in the rain's wet kisses.
It must love me, like I love you, I imagine.

I dance in the rain to its own tune.
The rain does not care how badly you dance, as long as you feel its spirit.
Whatever the rain sonnet is, I will listen and dream of you and I forever.
You and I.
I imagine.

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