Thursday, 1 September 2016

A WISHFUL DREAM-flash fiction

Hello Everyone! Happy September! Today's flash fiction is a whimsical cat piece. Hope you enjoy!
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A wishful dream

Flash fiction

Last night I had a strange dream. Blue eyes lured me close. I followed and followed but never caught up.

I opened my mouth to say wait up but no words came out. I kept going.

Finally when I got there, she was sitting on an old log with wild flowers around her. She was licking her paws as if putting in time while waiting.

I stood there and stared for a moment and then cautiously went forward and got closer to her. When I got up two feet from her she looked up at me.

I stopped in my tracks and froze. Her blue eyes held me still while she eyed me up. I wondered what she was thinking about me.

I couldn’t tell her anything about me, like I loved cats and thought she was special with her blue eyes. Maybe she already knew what I wanted to say.

Her blue eyes looked away and she finished up her paw cleaning. I waited for her next move.

Not aware that I was holding my breath, she jumped off the old log and went down a path.

I let out my breath and moved down the path following her. I wondered where she was taking me.

We came to an open meadow and that is where she stopped. I was suddenly filled with wonder.

She looked back at me and I could feel something from her. I think she was trying to tell me something. Oh how I wish I could hear her thoughts but I heard nothing.

I couldn’t get near her and I couldn’t say anything. I suddenly wanted to wake up. I looked at her and she let out this little mew that sounded far away.

The next thing I know the world around me goes blurry and in my ear I can hear the meow loud and clear.

My eyes fly open and I sit up and I hear the meow again. I rushed to the window and looked out.

There on the neighbours fence was an orange tabby. He looked up at me.

I sighed. He meowed at me and then jumped down.

It was then that I knew what she wanted me to know. I rushed out to the mailbox and there was the letter I had been waiting for.

It was from someone special and I had been worried about them but they were just fine.

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