Thursday, 29 September 2016


Hello and today's flash fiction is about pretty webs. Hope you enjoy.  
Spider’s Web

Flash fiction

On a dewy morning you can see her web sparkle in the sun’s first rays.

You have to look to see her as she hides under a leaf as if waiting. Those flying through unbeknown are oblivious to the danger that is in front of them.

She relishes in their carelessness. We know why.

Dragonflies tells tales of her flying but she does not have wings. But then we don’t know as it appears that she can grab those out of thin air that come too near her web.

Flies pay no heed until they are stuck in her silky web.

So in the morning the dragonflies tell others to watch for the glistening dew drops that look like jewels.

There is a danger in the delicate threads that hang there between the branches and grass.

For those who listen, they live another day and for those who are careless and throw the dragonflies warnings into the air…

Well, they will not surly see another day.

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