Thursday, 20 October 2016


I think it's time for a little cat flash fiction. We haven't had that for while. Happy reading! 
Lazy Mazy

Cat flash fiction

Sunny days are the best. The warmth from the sun makes the day so much better.

Mazy thinks this is the best kind of day. She goes out and lays on the balcony sunning herself.

Her owner lets Mazy have her time out in the sun as it makes for a happy kitty.

When she has to sit and look out the window and only dream of exploring in the sun are days that Mazy wanders around the house looking lost.

She gets extra treats that day so that makes up for it.

The world is all about Mazy when she gets out. Other cats sometimes join her and they all take the sunny day in.

The birds entertain her and her friends in the trees above them but they are safe. It’s more fun to sit out in the sun than chase something that will flutter away be the time you jump down.

No, much easier to just let them chatter down at you from above.

The best part of sunny days is napping. Curling or stretching out in the sun is the best part of being out.

Sometimes her owner will come out and give her and her friends some treats to enjoy outside or Mazy will get a few moments from her owner and get a nice scratch under the chin.

Whatever time she spends in the sun is all that matters to Mazy.

Counting butterflies or listening to the birds until Mazy falls asleep is considered a perfect day.

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