Thursday, 6 October 2016


Today's flash fiction is a touch faerie and magic. Hope you enjoy and if you want to give me some tea money, you can throw a tip into the tip jar. Thank you and happy reading!
Can You Hear Me

Flash fiction

It’s been a long time and I wondered if I could find you. I looked in your special places but you weren’t there anymore.

Then one day I went for a walk and something in the air told me that you had been here. Excitement filled me and I walked faster as if I would run into you.

There I was standing in the meadow and I scanned the whole area. Then the scent of a certain flower brushed up against my face.

My eyes went wide and I looked harder.

I felt something on my shoulder and I whipped around but there was nothing.

I stood tall and shouted out, “Where are you? Show yourself.”

There was some rustling in the tall grass. I held my breath waiting.

Slowly you rose out of the grass and I smiled. You smiled back.

We stood there for a moment and stared at each other. I was mesmerized by your wings that were almost translucent. There was an outline of black at the bottom of your wings with strong lavender accents.

Your wings flapped and you spread them out even more, like a butterfly warming on a daisy.

But as quick as our moment was, I blinked and you were gone.

I called out to you and all I could see was a lavender flower blowing in the breeze. It stood out on its own.

I walked over to it but I never touched it.  

I knew that this was where I would find you when I was out here again.

When I stood to up to walk away, I thought I could hear something in the distance.

It sounded like, Can you hear me?

I smiled and nodded.

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