Thursday, 27 October 2016


Hello. Today we have a special kind of prince. Hope you enjoy.  

The Dragon Fly Prince

Flash fiction

It was a miserable day and he had flown a long way. He needed a rest.

Something shimmered in the morning dew and he flew down. He looked carefully to see if she was at home.

He clung to a thick piece of twig that was holding the web.

The beads of dew hung like globes of glass. Reflections of the grass around mirrored back to him.

He knew this was a bad idea to take rest here and just as he was about to take off a soft voice drifted over to him.

“Welcome to my home my prince.”

His wings froze. He looked over and she was coming towards him. She was as black as a moonless night.

She stopped but a short distance. “What do I owe this honor?”

“I just came to rest my wings. I will be on my way.”

“Oh don’t rush off. Your wings are heavy with dew. Why don’t you share some tea with me where the sun is warming? Your wings will dry and the tea will warm you," she cooed.

He nodded and followed her up to the top where the sun had already dried the dew off some daisies.  

She poured him some tea in a small seed shell and handed it to him. He looked down at the clear liquid.

“It honey tea from the flowers. It’s very good.”

Her voice sounded like the morning birds. He watched her sip her tea. Very slowly he raised his tea to his mouth.

He could feel her eyes watching him. Something told him that he should not drink the tea.

She leaned over. “What’s wrong my prince?”

He took one tiny sip and dropped the seed cup. His wings whirred above him and he almost got a way when his body felt stiff.

He fought hard but he fell to the ground. She was on him as quick as a blink.

She stared down at him. “This is going to be a most delicious treat.”

“If you harm me, you will be hunted by them.”

She frowned. “How could that be?”

“I made a deal with them. They could be here in the meadow if they protected me.”

Her black eyes went wide and she looked around to see. “I don’t see anybody yet,” she grinned.

“They will come.”

“Now now, let’s not tell tales. I will wrap you up as snug as can be.”

Something whizzed above her head. She ducked close to the ground. It made a chirping noise. She scowled at him. “It’s a bird. How dare you. The bird will eat you before it gets me.”

The dragon prince managed to move his wings and suddenly they came alive and he took to the air leaving her far behind.

The bird took another swoop. It flew away with something in its beak.

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