Thursday, 13 October 2016


Hello! Today's flash fiction is another faerie oriented piece. Hope you enjoy. Happy reading ! 
The Path into The Forest
Flash fiction

When we were little girls, we use to go down this path. We use to pretend this wooden path led to a magical place where princes and princess lived.

One time we even heard noises coming from the far end of the path that sounded like clip clopping noises. Our imaginations went wild.

We stared down the path that led deep onto the forest holding out breaths. For sure we thought we would see a horse drawn carriage come right toward us.

But as the noise got louder we ran back down the path to where we started. When we looked back panting. The clip clop sound was no more.

Days after we forgot about it and went down the path to take a shortcut to our friend’s house. We heard the clip clopping noise again. This time we didn’t run.

We waited.

The sound got louder and louder and even the boards underneath us trembled.

Just as we thought they were going to appear, we ran off the wooden path and into the forest and never stopped until we got to our friend’s house.

But I did look back once and I saw this white blur. It looked like someone on a white horse and the horse I thought for sure had wings? It had to be my wild imagination. The one sitting on top looked very ethereal.

Now, all these years later that image has never left me. This is the first time that I have been on this wooden path since I was with my friend.

I’m older now and not full of the imaginations of my younger self.

The path looks serene and inviting. It’s a beautiful fall day.

My boots echo on the boards as I take it into the forest. Some of it felt familiar and parts of the forest I had forgotten but one part where I stopped was not forgotten.

This is where I saw the winged horse and the strange creature on top.

For some reason I was hesitant to go on but shook my head and told myself I was only seeing things back then.

So I placed one foot in front of the other and went on. I don’t think I had ever been past this point. I tried to tell myself it was because our friend lived not far from that point.

Today I was going all the way. I knew I would not meet any winged horse or any such thing.

But this path went farther than I thought and I wondered if I would get lost. It was also in the thick of the forest so it was dark.

My imagination started to come back to life. I was looking everywhere. The smells of the earth and dampness filled my senses.

The trees started to shake ever so slightly and beneath my feet I could feel a slight vibration.

I stopped and listened. It was all silent for a moment and then I heard it.  

My eyes flew wide and suddenly I froze. My feet wouldn’t turn me around to take me away.

There was someone coming towards me. I sighed. It was another person out walking.

Now my feet let me turn.

I started to walk back but glanced back to see who was coming. It was a young fellow with boots that clip clopped on the wood.

He was coming quite briskly. I thought I better get over before he runs into me as his focus was down on the path and not up to what was in front of him.

I cleared my throat before he got to me. His eyes whipped up and I gasped.

They were not human eyes. At least to me they weren’t.

He never wavered and smiled at me. He stopped not more than three feet from me.

“Hello, I’m sorry that I didn’t see you. I should have.”

I couldn’t speak as he looked at me with those strange eyes that were a pure emerald green with black pupils like a cat.

He nodded and proceeded to go past me. But not before he said something.

“I missed you and your little friend who use to play here. I wished so much that you would have went further. There was so much more for you two to see.” He laughed softly but sounded like the trees moving in the breeze.

“Maybe you will get brave now that you are all grown up and come see what is there?”

Before I could answer he was gone, just like that.

I wondered for a moment if I had just let my imagination go.

Taking a deep breath I started back but not before my foot hit something on the wooded path. I bent down and picked it up. It was a clump of wild asters with some hazelnuts entwined into the little bouquet.  

He left it for me?

I picked up my pace and just as I stepped off the board walk, I heard the clip clop sound. I watched and through the darkness I thought I could see a white blur. I blinked a couple of times and shook my head.

I got in my car with my little bouquet and drove home.

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