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Hello! Today's flash fiction is about one of my favourite flowers. Hope you enjoy.
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Blue Bell Boy
flash fiction

It was rare to see the flowers in the meadow.

But the site of this one stem beckoned me over. I went over as if my name was called out.

I knelt down in front of the stem of delicate blue bell flowers. The blue was so intense and the sun made the blue sparkle.

I smiled.

My finger very softly brushed against the biggest one. I think a tingle went up my arm.

The thought of picking it crossed my mind but I had heard what happens when you did that.

Stories made up by the older ones I knew. Nothing would happen if I picked the bluebell. I thought to myself if I just plucked one for my hair that would be okay. I wouldn’t pull the plant out by the roots or anything.
Maybe it would seed and more would come and fill the meadow. That thought warmed my insides.

The decision was made then. I very carefully plucked the biggest one in the bunch. There was a smaller one next to it that wasn’t quite open yet.

I stood and looked down at my treasure.

That was when I sensed something or someone.

The stories I heard as a child suddenly filled my ears. I shook my head and slowly turned.

I froze on the spot but thought he must be from the town. He smiled.

His hair was a pale blue and his eyes were indigo blue. It was the eyes that held me as he sauntered up to me still holding that smile.

Very gently he took the bluebell out of my hand and put it in my hair. I held my breath.

The scent of sweet honey and bergamot danced around me. He was so close to me and I knew that he was not from the town.

My heart raced as I dare not move. I felt like a deer in the hunter’s eyes.

He picked some other wild flowers around us and put them in my hair as well.

Then he was pleased as his smile grew.

“Perfect.” His eyes met mine and I almost gasped.

“Don’t be afraid of me. You know the tales. I knew you’ve heard them all. But let tell you a secret.”

Fear was holding me with iron hands. His indigo eyes were feral and wild. He leaned in close to me and his sweet breath against my ear felt like a summer breeze. “I’m far more dangerous than the tales you’ve heard. But I think you know that. I won’t harm you. No fear.”

His lips almost touched my cheek but then he pulled away and was almost nose to nose with me now. “What is your name my sweet one?”

I didn’t know how I got my tongue to work but I said “Lily.”

“Lovely name. But you forgot one thing from the tales that you were told. You weren’t supposed to tell me your name. You know why Lily?”

A thousand warnings went through my head trying to find out what I had just done.

“When you dream at night Lily, I can say your name and summon you to me. You will have no choice but to come to me.”

My eyes went wide. He smiled warmly at me. “Don’t worry. It will be alright. I will show you a world unlike anything you have ever seen.”

Without warning he kissed the top of my forehead. Then he was gone as if he had never been there.

I touched my hair and nothing. There were no flowers there. I looked over to where I had seen the clump of blue bells. I couldn’t find them. I went looking for them and I felt like I couldn’t remember where I had seen them.

But I knew I did. I headed back home feeling a bit shaky thinking about him. I knew what I saw was real and the stories I had heard were all true.

The thing was I knew he told me something important but I couldn’t remember what it was.

A breeze came up and I could smell rain. I picked up my pace.

As I started to run to beat the rain, I thought I heard something behind me. It was almost like a song or a soft voice.

I'm pretty sure I heard my name. This feeling of joy and anticipation fill me.  

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