Thursday, 10 November 2016

JACK WAS HERE-flash fiction

Welcome! Suppose to get some heavy frost tonight so I might have a visit from this fellow. Happy reading and wishing you much sunshine!  
Jack Was Here
Flash fiction

He can never sneak away without not touching something and leaving evidence that he was there.

The urge to touch everything is just too delicious in his mind. So, with abandonment he touches everything in the early morning hours when the coldness in the air is just perfect.

With one finger he make frost dance and skip.

Frosty icicles glimmer in the morning sun and tiny frosty patterns glitter when the sun hits it.

All his work. His silver blue eyes shine when he stands back and admires his handy work.

A cold breeze rustles his white hair threatening to shatter his frosty creations.

He holds up his finger and tells the breezes to hush.

Soon everything is quiet.

Then the first ray of sun comes shining through and he is gone.   

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