Thursday, 17 November 2016


Welcome everyone! Today I'm introducing you to a new world that I will be writing about in the future. This is sort of a prequel flash fiction. I hope you enjoy.

There is a world that has existed for longer than man has. It is filled with legends and folk lore that has conjured up many a story.
Certain times of the year a veil is open and that is when the magic folk are seen. No one that crosses over or is enticed by the folk are ever seen again. They like to steel the curious and tell the tales that they heard in their youth.
Only they are not quite what they heard. And when they come to their senses, it’s too late.
Mistwoods consists of castles and kings with courts that rule each separate realm. Creatures of many forms live there. Some are winged and look like dragons and others look like butterflies but are deadly.
Mistwoods is a dangerous beauty to be hold but not a place for the curious to visit.
Passerby’s look into the woods when the mist is thick and come back with tales of what they saw. Horses with wings and ethereal creatures with eyes like cats that shine in the dark light.
Keys and amulets hang from some of the trees. Sometimes silver spoons glimmer in the morning light. No one knows what they mean.
The stories will continue to enchant and tales of lost ones gone missing will always be told when the veil becomes thin.
The message here is to be cautious of Mistwoods and don’t dismiss the tales that you hear. Some say that some of those folk wear a glamour and look like us. It could be your best friend.
Be careful of travels that you take near Mistwoods.
You have been warned.
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