Thursday, 1 December 2016

Dreams Take Flight-flash fiction

Today, instead of my usual pics I find I'm giving you one of my doodles. I love dragonflies. Hope you enjoy Dreams Take flight! 
Dreams Take Flight

Flash fiction

It’s a mystical feeling. Everything is quiet and the air is sweet with the perfume of the meadow.

There is a flutter here and flutter there. It could be a breeze or something else. If you feel a tingle race across your skin, then maybe you’re not alone.

Shimmers of light sparkle in the sun and you can feel the magic and it takes you with it.

Your mind races to places that you know don’t exist. But it is peaceful.

You feel like you are flying too and it’s wonderful. The current of air around you is soft and warm.

Perhaps what sounds like a whisper urges you to come fly but you don’t have wings.

It doesn’t seem to matter though. In this dream anything is possible.

Blues and golds swirl around and everything you touch is mystic.

Fly, fly away and let them take you.

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