Thursday, 15 December 2016


Hello! It's getting close to that time of year so I thought I would write a little Xmas piece for you. Hope you enjoy!

The Christmas Doll Sisters
Flash fiction
Once a year on the eve of Xmas, three very special dolls come to life.
Only those that believe in Santa and his elves will ever see them. Those who have grown and choose to not believe will never see the magic.
They come out of their hiding spot and venture out to all the children’s homes that believe in them. They place special gifts under the tree.
These gifts aren’t always in pretty packages. The next morning the children get other surprises like someone showing up that they hadn’t seen for a very long time, like a friend that had moved away.
They get to play all day with them and remember that time.
Other little surprises are things that were thought to be lost are found and some are found under the tree. The joy in having it back puts many a smile on little faces.
Treats of cookies are sometimes left on plates. These are cookies filled with yummy jam or coated in icing sugar. Mother forgot that she had made them. Or did she? She is very busy.
The Christmas dolls do all sorts of things on this night but the most important is that every child wakes up the next morning to something that will put a smile on their face.
With a little a little merry wish and a kiss of magic, Christmas day delivers its magic with the help of three very special little dolls.
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