Thursday, 26 January 2017


Hello everyone! Today we have a cat poem! I have a couple of tabbers myself. Hope you enjoy!  
Tabby Tales


The watcher he is and his eyes miss nothing from his perch.

Everything has its place around him. Anything that goes a miss is investigated.

If you could understand his language he would tell you tales of things in the tall grass that you and I have never seen.

His sharp hearing has heard things from far and near that would sound so strange that we would wonder.

To look at him he questions none of it as he accepts what is there and perhaps we would not. He cares not as he goes about his watching and observing.

One time he had disappeared for three days and we worried until the day he sauntered in through the front door without a care nor a nod for either of us.

That was his way.

The only thing we noticed was a small nick out of his left ear. Did he scratch his ear on something or did he have an encounter with something?

He hopped up on his cat stand and started to wash up. Every once in a while he would stop and look out the window as if he was checking on something.

Maybe the encounter?

Did it follow him back?

His words will not tell us but as he curls up to nap, he turns his back on the outside world and just lets the sun touch him.

His name is Sam.

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