Thursday, 19 January 2017

The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife

Good day to everyone! Today's flash fiction is a little ghostly. Happy reading! 
The Lighthouse Keeper’s Wife

Flash fiction

They tended to the lighthouse for many years. It was a solitude life but it suited them.

Maria, the wife of the lighthouse keeper kept a garden that was most challenging to keep.

The strong winds off the ocean beat against her berm that protected her garden but not always.

Maria was not one to give up though. She went to the woods and chopped down young saplings and weaved a fence to put around her garden.

Her husband had to go into town for supplies and this time  so she stayed behind.

That night there was a terrible storm and she knew that she would be the one to tend to the lighthouse. Her husband would have to stay in town because of the storm.

She had done this before.

As she was tending to her duties in the lighthouse, she spotted something out in the distance. She wasn’t sure if it was a boat or otherwise.

She quickly went and got her binoculars and took a look out. It was a boat and small one at that.

The strange thing was, it was holding its own to the storm.

Maria went around to the far side where the light was going to shine but it passed over too quick for her to get a closer look.

Then it disappeared. That got her a little worried that maybe the boat was swallowed up.

There was a little bell that rung when someone was coming up the roadway to the lighthouse and it rang.

She ran down the stairs to see if it was the people in the little boat.

When she got down part way she could see a dark figure coming up the road. The beating rain and wind didn’t seem to bother them.

Maria watched for a moment before going down the rest of the way to the main floor. By the time she got there, the jingle of another bell went off.

Maria knew now that they would soon be at the front door. They had to go through her little garden to get to the entrance.

As she was about to open the door, this strange feeling came over her. It was a feeling of dread and that something bad had happened.

Maria opened the door and the stranger looked like her husband but it couldn’t be. He was in town.

The next few moments went by so quickly that no one knows exactly what happened that night.

The next day her husband came back and he found her in the garden.

She greeted him with a smile but he knew right away that something was not right.

When he asked Maria if everything was all right, she just smiled and said it was a peaceful night.

It was the next day when her husband discovered a small boat that had crashed against the rocks. There was one person lying beside the boat. He couldn’t find anymore and guessed if there was, they were swept out to sea.

He told Maria about it and that is when she told him of her story.

They both went back down to the small boat but there was no boat or man. They both disappeared.

Maria then knew who this stranger in the boat was and who was at her door.

That was her first husband who had died many years ago in a small boat trying to get back to her.
He finally made his way back home to her last night.

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