Thursday, 5 January 2017


Hello everyone! Hope your holidays were great. Here is the first flash fiction of the new year. I hope you enjoy.
They live close by and you can hear the whispers. One tries to outdo the other.
It’s like it’s a contest as to who as the better gossip.
They both know everyone’s business including the meadow fairy that it annoys to no end.
One day a dragon fly approached one of the webs and being very brave asked the one spider why she didn’t move. There was a lovely spot over in the daisy meadow.
He fluttered away in time. He asked the wrong one.
The meadow fairy decided to pay them a visit as well. But she feared not.
She eyed both their homes up that were almost touching. The wind had tattered them in places. And dew pulled some ends down in ragged fashion.
She saw the tiny black dots near the middle of each one. The fairy knew that they were watching her intently.
She sighed. “It is time that you ended your feud. I will make a suggestion. Both of you will move to different areas that are of course to your liking and you will both have my protection.”
That spurred movement from both of them and soon they both came to the edges of their webs. They did not look at each other but gave the fairy queen full attention.
The meadow fairy smiled. “That’s better. Now follow me and I will show you some excellent locations.”
After much snapping at each other, they both found their perfect places.
Of course each spot over looked the entire meadow and they could still see each other and keep an eye on one another.
Their gossip continued.
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