Thursday, 2 February 2017


Hello everyone! Today we have this lovely lady that I saw as a moon Goddess. Hope you enjoy!
The Moon Goddess

Flash fiction

She comes on a calm night when the sky is clear and the moon glows white.

It happens during the witching hour.

If you’re patient, she will dance for you but you have to be quiet.

Her wings are as ethereal as the moon itself.

No one ever see her arrive so they don’t even know where she comes from.

The moon is so low that some think she walks out of the moon onto the water.

Maybe she does.

Her magic enchants those who watch her and they say she will bless you with good fortune.

As she performs the water almost moves with her but always holds her up. The moon maybe hold her too.

Her wings of light flutter giving a white ripple reflection on the water making it sparkle in the moon’s light.

As the moon shifts, her performance ends and with a blink of an eye all you see is the moon’s reflection on the water.

Then all is quiet.

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