Thursday, 23 February 2017


Happy day to everyone! Today's flash fiction is another wonderland tale. Hope you enjoy! If you would like you can donate some green tea money in the tip jar. Thank you and happy reading!  
The Other Side of Wonderland

Flash fiction

Follow that rabbit and he may take you to the other side of wonderland. If you end up there, they say there is a prince that lives there.

He likes to have parties in the woods and invite strange creatures who get to sit at this long table.

The table cloth that covers it is a bit ragged from all the parties that have happened. There might be some broken china here and there.  

Don’t touch any of it anyway. It’s not for you.

This prince might show up in the form of a rabbit or tall bird. You’ll know by the eyes that it is him. They are chestnut brown with a hint of green which is not unusual but one eye sports a heart shaped pupil.

Don’t stare.

Whatever is put in front of you, politely say thank you but don’t touch it. Shove it over to the guest on your right side. It will eat it and not say nothing.

If the prince asks how you are, just nod and say everything looks wonderful. If he smiles back at you, he will leave you alone.

But if he gets curious and wants to know more about you. Then you must prepare yourself and be careful what your answers are.

They are most important you see. Because if you answer one wrong, you will become a permanent guest at his parties. Look around you and see if you know anyone. Maybe someone who you remember went missing?

Don’t try to rescue them. They are so far gone, that they don’t even know who they are anymore. They are his toys now.

So, if you don’t want to end up as his new toy, follow these instructions.

Don’t make eye contact with him at all if you can and don’t give him reason to look your way.

If you take a mask off one of the guests and you can easily do this if one passes out on the table.

Then he will think you are just one of his other toys.

But if you can’t hide behind a mask, then keep your eye out for the rabbit that you followed in the first place.

Take something off the table to lure the rabbit away from the party table.

If he follows you, tell him he can have it if he takes you back home.

He might laugh at you but if it is something that he really wants like keys, yes he likes keys, he will take you back home.
Hint: Look inside some of the tea cups that are broken.

But you have to be quick as the longer you stay, the more difficult it is to leave.

Time is not on your side. The prince did away with time so you have no idea how long you have been there.

If even more guests show up suddenly, then you’ve been there way too long.

Pray that the rabbit likes you and is willing to take you back in exchange for keys.

Remember the damn keys.





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