Thursday, 16 February 2017


Hope everyone is well! Today is a whimsical story about one of my favorite places-Wonderland! Hope you enjoy. 


Flash fiction

The clover field is where you will find him. He might talk to you if you are patient.

Sometimes he is quite busy and you might hear him mumbling to himself about something.

You might hear red queen or someone who refers to as Alice but sometimes it sounds like Evie.

Whoever they are, they cause him grief apparently.

The one thing that you do not want to do is follow him. You might end up in a strange place and getting back? You don’t want to go there. They call it Wonderland but there is nothing wonderful about it.

You don’t want to meet Alice or Evie, whoever they are.

The red queen doesn’t sound like someone you want to bump into either.

Just watch him and nod if he looks over at you. But don’t go over to him if he beckons you over.

If you do, he might ask you questions.

These questions are more like riddles and he want you to figure them out for him for some strange reason. Don’t try to figure them out.

Turn around and go home instead.

But if you find yourself standing in front of him trying to answer his riddles, keep these answers in mind.

First one: The key opens the heart shaped box. Don’t try to unlock the chest.

Second one: The sparrow keeps all secrets hidden. Promise it down and it will give you one secret.

Third one: The one who is a bit mad makes hats and would like some green ribbon. The dressmaker is the only one who has it.

Remember these strange answers and in return he might give you a nickel. If he does, consider yourself paid in full.

You are free to go.




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