Thursday, 9 March 2017


Hello and hope it's warmer where you are than where I am right now. We are in the deep freeze coming out of a storm so here is a warm romantic little piece. Hope you enjoy! 

Tea Light Hearts

Flash Fiction


There was a tea light lit for every month that we had shared.

We had been together longer but each lit tea light represented the special days.

You arranged them in a heart to show the love and that made me smile and fill by heart with love.

We had been through a lot over time but we endured and that only made us stronger.

Today we were celebrating an anniversary of sorts. This was going to be a fresh start for both of us as together we embarked on this new journey.

As long as we were together, we could accomplish anything.

But first you surprised me. When I got to your place to help you pack I walked into the kitchen and saw the tea lights all lit up in the form of a heart.

There was a small gift in the middle with my name on it.

I guess I was a little early because I took you by surprise when you came into the room.

I laughed and asked what you were up to.

You gave me that grin that told me that you had been doing other things that morning other than packing.

Is that for me I asked looking at the box.

You grabbed it off the table and came over to me and told me since I interrupted your plans that you would ask right off the bat.

But first you told me what each lit up tea light meant. Then you opened the box.

I said yes in heart beat and then you handed me a box and said let’s start our life now.

I looked into the empty box and you told me everything I put in it would be our memories.

That I looked forward to and I started to help pack.





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