Thursday, 16 March 2017


Hello everyone! Today we have this cute little fellow. Hope you enjoy one of my longer flash fictions that's almost a short story.  

The Fox Prince

Flash fiction

He was a shapeshifter and was as white as the snow he padded on. He was a most beautiful ethereal creature.

To entertain him might not be wise.

His fox eyes were always on the lookout for someone who might follow. There was always someone caught up in his beauty that would forget themselves.

That’s what he counted on. But there was a story of a young girl who came back from where ever she had gone with him.

Some thought that she was not human either and that was why she came back. No one knew for sure.

She liked to tell the story in any case. It went like this.

The day was a clear sunny cold day and she was walking through the woods to get to the field where her horse was. She was bringing him back to the barn.

When she got near the gate she noticed something white and her horse was looking at it. At first she thought it was a hare but as she got closer she knew it wasn’t.

She stopped a few feet from what she now recognized as a young white fox. She had not seen one of these before where she lived.

The fox turned its head and the eyes held her in her place. She didn’t know how long she had been standing there but the next thing she knows, there is someone standing right in front of her.

His hair is white and his face is perfect but the fox eyes are still there.  There is something in his hair that is tied to a braid in his hair. It looks like a key.

“Who are you,” she asks.

He does not answer her and instead looks back at her horse. “Can we ride?”


He nodded. “It’s getting late and it will soon be dark. I have to feed and water him.”

He smiled and then whirled around and rushed toward the horse that did not move.

She ran after him thinking that he was going to steal the horse but he waited for her and held out his hand to help her up.

She grabbed on and then they were off into the dim light across the field.

Where he was going she did not know.

He entered into a small opening in the bush that she thought would be way too small for the horse and them to fit through but it was as if it was bigger than what they were.

When she looked back, she couldn’t even see the opening. Her heart raced she told us.

They stopped in front of a large tree that suddenly shimmered in bright light and she said she couldn’t believe it. There was another world awaiting them.

He cautiously rode through and she said she instantly looked behind but could only see a reflection of the world they were entering.

He took her to a massive castle made of ice and snow. It glistened in the pink light that was telling her it was going to be dark soon. That frightened her.

He got off the horse and helped her down. She stood in front of him and looked up into his fox eyes.

He smiled warmly and pulled her inside the castle where it was a bit warmer. The floor looked like glass and she could see her own reflection.

His reflection was of the fox that she seen at the gate and yet he walked in his almost human form on top of the floor.

He took her to a large dining table where there were tables full of food but no one else was there.

He took a plate and handed it to her and took his own and encouraged her to fill it up and eat.

Everything looked so good and she couldn’t help but fill her plate.

They ate and drank from silver goblets and what it was she did not know but it tasted good.

After they finished she told him perhaps it was late now and that he should take her back.

She said he would after they shared one dance and she said the music came out of thin air.

The music made her feet move and together they danced on the ice floor until when she did not know. Time disappeared.

They were now on her side now and how they got here she had no memory of it.

He stood close to her next to her horse. He reached up to his braid and took the key that was tied to his braid.

He pressed it in her hand and told her that it would give her access to his world.

His cool lips touched hers and when she opened her eyes she was standing in front of the gate with her horse waiting for her.

It was a bit darker but she quickly got on her horse and went back to the barn with thoughts and images of a strange boy that said he was a fox prince and that he was looking for a princess. He thought that she might be the one.

He said he gave each one a key and if it worked when they tried to get to his world, then he knew she was the one.

If it didn’t work, then something would happen. He didn’t say what.

We all looked at her and asked her if she tried to get to his side.

She shook her head and said that when she tried to find the key, it was nowhere to be found and thought she lost it on the way home.

The one thing that she didn’t tell us was that every once in a while, she disappeared and no one knew where she went.

The one thing we noticed was that there was sightings of a white fox and that he hung around the gates of where she kept her horse.

Sometimes she would tell us of vivid dreams she had that involved a boy with snow white hair that had fox eyes dancing with her on an ice glass floor.



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