Thursday, 23 March 2017


Hi everyone. Today is all about some magical dragons in the flash fiction-The glass Lake Castle. Happy reading!
The Glass Lake Castle

Flash fiction

It stands in the middle of the glass lake and is guarded by what lives there.

A queen of sorts lives there but no one has seen her except for maybe when they thought they saw something large fly around the castle.

Some thought it looked like a dragon with shimmering scales of iridescent blues and greens that reflected the colors of the lake. Was the dragon the queen?

No one knew and no one wanted to find out.

The glass lake was a funny thing. It never showed any waves and one could walk on it. Some tried it and they got so far and it was like the glass dissolved and they found themselves under water.

They were lucky if they made it out before the surface became solid again.

One time a young girl fell in and no one could get her out as the glass lake went solid again.

But then out of the blue she showed up and when they asked her what happened, she said she couldn’t remember anything.

Some thought that she did remember as some of her closet friends said. They said a dragon like lady saved her and took her took her castle.

She gave her treats and made her feel safe. She wasn’t afraid of her.

But when they asked her more, she wouldn’t say but they wondered. They knew more went on.

One day another one went through the glass surface. This time a young man who longed to meet her.

He almost made it but just as he was about to set foot on the shore he slipped through. Everyone thought he was gone for good.

But something strange happened. One night on a clear night a few said they saw two large dragon like creatures fly around the castle followed by a smaller one.

Then the young fellow showed up but he didn’t remember anything either.

Or did he?

Stories started to circulate that the dragon queen had taken them and turned them into what she was but others thought different.

As one story came up. It happened a long time ago when a young woman decided to cross over to the castle to meet someone. Some said her lover.

She was never seen again. It was said that she had made it to the island and anyone who made it to the island was never seen again.

They believed that the dragon queen was her and that she was lonely and so took the young girl and young man for company.

It was odd as at certain times the young man and young girl would not be seen for a while and then all of a sudden show up and not remember.

Most thought they did remember and that they went all kinds of adventures with her.

So, for the most part, the mystery of the glass lake castle was always shrouded in stories like the mist that hugged it.



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