Thursday, 2 March 2017


Hello! Today's flash fiction is about a place of magic. Hope you enjoy! 

The Mirrored World

Flash fiction

On an island there is a small estate that lives a prince of the past.

His name his Thorn and he does not live alone. Who lives with him are the unusual ones some call them.

When the water that surrounds the little estate is still and the sky is clear, one can see a reflection of the estate.

But it really isn’t. That is when the so called unusual ones appear. Some think that is where they live-in this mirrored world.

Prince Thorn likes to entertain and have parties for when they come. All kinds of strange things happen on these evenings.  

Most don’t go near as they think everyone including the prince are ghosts.

But some say not, as stories of the little estate had been told for years.

A royal family of that time lived there and ruled their country when royals were a thing of reality.

But they all died away with the times except for this little royal estate some believed.

No one actually went over there to go exploring except for a story of two brothers that decided on a dare to take their small boat and go see for themselves.

So, one evening when the sky was clear and the water was still and the reflection of the estate perfect, they rowed over so the story went.

Now this is where it gets hazy. Apparently they made it back and when asked what they found, they said nothing, there was nothing to see they said.

Others were suspicious of what they actually did see. Some even went as far as to believe that the two brothers weren’t the actual same two that went over.

Some believed that they were now trapped in that mirrored world and would never be seen again.

Again someone was going to go over there and this time they were going to record what they saw to show everyone. Five gathered at the small dock to see this time a pair of girls go over. They said they weren’t scared of any ghosts but jokingly said they would say hi to the Prince from everyone.

The remaining five waited on shore for a long time and they were about to get into their own boat to go get the girls when they saw their boat.

With relief they asked what they saw and recorded.

The girls said that they had met Prince Thorn and that he was very nice. Now this prince was one of the past so their story of meeting the prince was not believed and when they wanted to see what they had recorded, they held it up and all that was shown was the overgrown gardens proving that the girls were making stories up.

Even though they claimed they were not, it proved that no one was there anymore-only ghost stories.

More stories kept circulating of course but the girls that went over there still insisted that they did meet him and the brothers? They never said anything and some still thought that the real brothers were lost.

So, the little mirrored world remained a mystery except to the ones that had gone over to investigate. They still believed.

But the one thing that no one disputed was that there was a magic that lived there and when the reflection showed, it was best to leave it alone.





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