Thursday, 27 April 2017


Good day to everyone. Another poem for you to read. The weather here is still cold but we can dream about our gardens.


                                                                Garden Dreams


Frost has covered the ground this morning.

Clear blue sky shines along with the sun that melts the frost.

The air is cool and crisp.

I breathe in the fresh air.


The sun promises to warm the air and warm the blooms that won’t give up.

The garden waits to be cleaned and the fall garlic waits to be planted in the cool ground.

Sunflowers give their last nod to the sun before bowing to the ground.


Larkspur, nicotine’s and malva scatter their seeds recklessly to the ground to color your garden where they please.

Soon the ground will be frozen and a season passed on.

A frothing of white will blanket us and make us dream of posies that once were.


The seed catalogues will keep us warm and we will make such grand plans.

Ripe red tomato pictures and plump cucumbers will entice you to pick them and of course the latest fashioned petunia that spills out in colourful ruffled little skirts whispers-pick me.


Until then, we will dream along with the cat of warm days and green grass along with the reckless abandonment of the garden that now sleeps under a cozy white blanket.





Thursday, 20 April 2017


            Hello everyone. Today I have two tiny poems. Spring has been rather cool here so these sping flowers will help brighten things up. Happy reading!                                                  

 Spring’s Whispers
                The cool air of spring kisses our cheeks and whispers for life to begin.
                We look for green buds and emerging green shoots from the cold ground.
                Songs fill the air once again from the feathered ones.
                Spring whispers to them that it is time to nest in those lilacs and homemade bird houses.
                Springs whispers hope, renewal and anticipation of warm summers.
                We await!

  Spring’s Song


The south winds warm winter’s breath and ends the sleep beneath the white blanket.

Spring bulbs poke through giving us many promises, they do.

Volunteer seeds eagerly show us their greens and urge us to-let them be.

Summer birds once more grace us with their presence. Like poets they sing to us their sonnets-just for us, of course.

Mother Nature once more graces our flowers with her jewels of many coloured butterflies and lady bugs that we so adore.

Spring’s song sings out promises to the rebirth of her new season.

May we all join in her song and be filled with promise.





Thursday, 13 April 2017


Hello and happy spring to everyone! I hope it has arrived where you are. We are in for a wintery long weekend here where I live. Oh well. Here is a little Easter flash fiction for you to enjoy. If you celebrate Easter, I wish you all a Happy Easter from Short Stories & Stuff!

Wonderland Easter

Flash fiction

Spring marks the first days leading up to Easter and that is when all the wondrous creatures in wonderland come and have a party.

They decorate a long table in the middle of an opening in the forest. Above in the trees, decorations that have been made by everybody attending, hang in the trees.

Ribbons, pieces of cloth and decorated eggs with feathers adorning them hang in the branches.

Everybody brings to the feast.

An assortment of nuts, berries and some fancy juices made by the faeries and woodland creatures fill the long table.

Everything goes fine until the rabbit shows up because he thinks all the time that the party is for him.

When he finds out that it is a celebration of the spring and not just for him, he sulks and drinks all night getting loopy on faerie wine.

That’s when he demands attention but no one gives it to him.

One party he showed up all dressed and ready to go out. He said this was the biggest delivery of eggs that he would be making.

They asked where his basket was then to carry all these eggs.

He shrugged and said that he would find it when it was time. But then he ate too much and drank too much faerie wine and fell asleep face down on his plate.

They couldn’t wake him.

In wonderland they didn’t really care if he delivered his eggs or not. But a little mouse thought that they should be delivered and none of them were too interested in helping the little mouse.

He was too little to carry a large basket of eggs so what was he to do?

They others danced and danced and paid no attention to the little mouse or the sleeping bunny.

But finally someone did feel sorry for the little mouse. A hawk said that he could ride on his back and drop the eggs from the basket that he carried in his beak.

Now the little mouse was not silly as he knew the hawk could be trying to lead him astray and make a nice light meal of him.  

He shook his head and the hawk ruffled his feathers and joined the others in the festivities.

The little mouse looked at the rabbit again and went up to him and pulled at his ear and nothing happened. He was out and was not going to wake up.

A young spite came up to the mouse and offered her help.

He eyed up the little sprite and she was a little bit bigger than him but not by much.

“How are you going to carry the basket?”

She giggled. “I might be small but with a little fairy magic, I can carry the basket and you can drop the eggs down.

The little mouse thought this might work so he agreed.

Now it was time to find the basket of eggs and the rabbit didn’t know where his basket was.

Together they knew the rabbit would not wake up and even if he did, he probably would not remember where his basket was. What were they to do?

Then the little sprite came up with an idea. She flew up into the tree branches and pointed to the decorated eggs with fancy feathers on them. The little mouse nodded.

The faerie spite went and got a basket made from grape vine and she dropped the eggs into the basket filling it.

The little mouse climbed into the basket and off they went. She flew fast thought the little mouse and then it was time to drop the eggs.

With the feathers attached to them, they fluttered down to the ground unbroken.

They delivered quite a few and then the basket was empty.

By the time they arrived back, the rabbit had woken up.

He realized he was late and rushed off.

The next morning it was reported that the children got so many eggs but their favorites was the ones that they found beautifully decorated with feathers.

They had never seen anything like it.

Happy Easter from Wonderland!








Thursday, 6 April 2017


Hi everyone! Today we have apiece about a magical book. Hope you enjoy.
The Mystical book

Flash fiction


There is a very old very faerie who owns a book that has a whole world in it.

Only his chosen ones get to see this book. It contains a castle where a queen lives with her court.

Owls keep watch over the castle and serve as her personal guards.

The very old faerie serves as her protector of this world and anyone who tries to steal the book meets the consequences of the old faerie who turns into a dragon.

One tale that went around was that a mean court faerie who was not chosen to see the book decided to steal it.

He came prepared to slay the old dragon but much to his surprise, the old faerie said that he could see the book and could even go the hidden castle.

The court faerie should have been wary of the old faerie’s offer but he wanted to go so the old faerie granted him his wish.

The queen greeted him and made him welcome. He again should have been wary of the queen but he was too caught up at being there and looking at what he wanted to possibly claim as his.

He was entertained that evening and fed well and he was feeling pretty confident in himself at what he had done.

He was thinking that the old faerie could not defeat him anymore, even in his dragon form. As for the queen he thought, maybe she didn’t want any trouble.

That night after the party, he was shown to his room which had a massive bed in it. There was a massive wall of books on one side and he could feel the magic come off of them.

He laid in the middle of the massive bed and started to dream of magic and riches that would be at his beck and call.

He had fallen asleep and at the exact hour of the start of the witching hour, a snow white owl flew into the room. The bird did not wake him.

The snow white owl transformed into a tall beautiful woman who went over to the wall of books and took a book out. Another one fell to the floor waking him.

He startled awake and was about to demand what was going on when he saw her standing there in the moon’s light.

She was the most beautiful faerie he had ever seen. Her snow white wings shone and glowed. When she looked over at him her blue eyes the color of topaz made him catch his breath.

He could speak no words.

She put the book back on the shelf along with the one that fell and made her way over to him. There was now a fear that took hold of him as he realized that she was one of the owls that guarded the queen's castle.

She carried a silver sword at her side and her delicate white clawed hand rested on the hilt.

Finally he found words to say to her. “You are most beautiful.”

She tilted her head at him and grinned. “You are the queen’s special guest. Let me entertain you.”

“Now? At this hour?” He was starting to fear her again.

“It’s most magical out my friend. Come and see.”

He had no choice but to follow her.

She led him out beside the castle where a running creek constantly ran and the closer they got, the more frightened he became.

“Should we be out here,” he asked.

She never answered him.

When they got to the edge of the river, he could hear the water gush and run lively. He had no desire to go near.

She didn’t make him but when she turned to him, she had her sword in her hand. He gasped and fell to his knees begging her not to kill him.

She nodded and ordered him to rise. He did and when she touched him with her sword, he turned into a small dragon.

“You will now serve as the queen’s pet.”

She placed a small metal collar on him and led him back inside.

The mean faerie now was at the queen’s beck and call, flying delivering messages to other courts and hunting for her.

He only got to be his own self during the witching hour and this one night he decided to try and escape.

The books in his room had told him how to leave and so this night he made his way past the rushing river and to an old tree that was supposed to open a portal back to his world if he said the right words.

So with a tremble he placed his hand on the old tree and said the words.

The queen now had two wonderful trees to enjoy.

The new one provides a nice spot to sit under and only during the witching hour can you hear the tree moan and sway as if it is trying to lift its roots out and leave.

But it never does.