Thursday, 27 April 2017


Good day to everyone. Another poem for you to read. The weather here is still cold but we can dream about our gardens.


                                                                Garden Dreams


Frost has covered the ground this morning.

Clear blue sky shines along with the sun that melts the frost.

The air is cool and crisp.

I breathe in the fresh air.


The sun promises to warm the air and warm the blooms that won’t give up.

The garden waits to be cleaned and the fall garlic waits to be planted in the cool ground.

Sunflowers give their last nod to the sun before bowing to the ground.


Larkspur, nicotine’s and malva scatter their seeds recklessly to the ground to color your garden where they please.

Soon the ground will be frozen and a season passed on.

A frothing of white will blanket us and make us dream of posies that once were.


The seed catalogues will keep us warm and we will make such grand plans.

Ripe red tomato pictures and plump cucumbers will entice you to pick them and of course the latest fashioned petunia that spills out in colourful ruffled little skirts whispers-pick me.


Until then, we will dream along with the cat of warm days and green grass along with the reckless abandonment of the garden that now sleeps under a cozy white blanket.





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