Thursday, 20 April 2017


            Hello everyone. Today I have two tiny poems. Spring has been rather cool here so these sping flowers will help brighten things up. Happy reading!                                                  

 Spring’s Whispers
                The cool air of spring kisses our cheeks and whispers for life to begin.
                We look for green buds and emerging green shoots from the cold ground.
                Songs fill the air once again from the feathered ones.
                Spring whispers to them that it is time to nest in those lilacs and homemade bird houses.
                Springs whispers hope, renewal and anticipation of warm summers.
                We await!

  Spring’s Song


The south winds warm winter’s breath and ends the sleep beneath the white blanket.

Spring bulbs poke through giving us many promises, they do.

Volunteer seeds eagerly show us their greens and urge us to-let them be.

Summer birds once more grace us with their presence. Like poets they sing to us their sonnets-just for us, of course.

Mother Nature once more graces our flowers with her jewels of many coloured butterflies and lady bugs that we so adore.

Spring’s song sings out promises to the rebirth of her new season.

May we all join in her song and be filled with promise.





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