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Hello and happy spring to everyone! I hope it has arrived where you are. We are in for a wintery long weekend here where I live. Oh well. Here is a little Easter flash fiction for you to enjoy. If you celebrate Easter, I wish you all a Happy Easter from Short Stories & Stuff!

Wonderland Easter

Flash fiction

Spring marks the first days leading up to Easter and that is when all the wondrous creatures in wonderland come and have a party.

They decorate a long table in the middle of an opening in the forest. Above in the trees, decorations that have been made by everybody attending, hang in the trees.

Ribbons, pieces of cloth and decorated eggs with feathers adorning them hang in the branches.

Everybody brings to the feast.

An assortment of nuts, berries and some fancy juices made by the faeries and woodland creatures fill the long table.

Everything goes fine until the rabbit shows up because he thinks all the time that the party is for him.

When he finds out that it is a celebration of the spring and not just for him, he sulks and drinks all night getting loopy on faerie wine.

That’s when he demands attention but no one gives it to him.

One party he showed up all dressed and ready to go out. He said this was the biggest delivery of eggs that he would be making.

They asked where his basket was then to carry all these eggs.

He shrugged and said that he would find it when it was time. But then he ate too much and drank too much faerie wine and fell asleep face down on his plate.

They couldn’t wake him.

In wonderland they didn’t really care if he delivered his eggs or not. But a little mouse thought that they should be delivered and none of them were too interested in helping the little mouse.

He was too little to carry a large basket of eggs so what was he to do?

They others danced and danced and paid no attention to the little mouse or the sleeping bunny.

But finally someone did feel sorry for the little mouse. A hawk said that he could ride on his back and drop the eggs from the basket that he carried in his beak.

Now the little mouse was not silly as he knew the hawk could be trying to lead him astray and make a nice light meal of him.  

He shook his head and the hawk ruffled his feathers and joined the others in the festivities.

The little mouse looked at the rabbit again and went up to him and pulled at his ear and nothing happened. He was out and was not going to wake up.

A young spite came up to the mouse and offered her help.

He eyed up the little sprite and she was a little bit bigger than him but not by much.

“How are you going to carry the basket?”

She giggled. “I might be small but with a little fairy magic, I can carry the basket and you can drop the eggs down.

The little mouse thought this might work so he agreed.

Now it was time to find the basket of eggs and the rabbit didn’t know where his basket was.

Together they knew the rabbit would not wake up and even if he did, he probably would not remember where his basket was. What were they to do?

Then the little sprite came up with an idea. She flew up into the tree branches and pointed to the decorated eggs with fancy feathers on them. The little mouse nodded.

The faerie spite went and got a basket made from grape vine and she dropped the eggs into the basket filling it.

The little mouse climbed into the basket and off they went. She flew fast thought the little mouse and then it was time to drop the eggs.

With the feathers attached to them, they fluttered down to the ground unbroken.

They delivered quite a few and then the basket was empty.

By the time they arrived back, the rabbit had woken up.

He realized he was late and rushed off.

The next morning it was reported that the children got so many eggs but their favorites was the ones that they found beautifully decorated with feathers.

They had never seen anything like it.

Happy Easter from Wonderland!








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