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Hello and today's flash fiction is about a cursed prince. Hope you enjoy. 

The Swan Prince

Flash fiction

Because he refused her love, she cursed him. Now he was a Swan with no mate.

One who did love him however came to the pond and saw him every day. Leila was determined to break the curse.

For the most part the Swan prince stayed away from Leila. But she didn’t care. She figured if she broke his curse that he would love her.

One day when Leila came, there was someone else there. At first she couldn’t see who is was but then she turned to Leila and she stopped cold.

It was the one who cursed him. Her name was Jemisha. She smiled at Leila.

“Still trying to break my curse dear?”

Leila couldn’t say anything back. She knew how powerful Jemisha was and Leila didn’t want to provoke her.

Jemisha laughed softly. “Don’t be afraid child. I will not turn you into anything. Come sit beside me and we can talk a bit.”

Leila didn’t know what to do but ended up doing as she was asked.

Jemisha smiled at her. “Do you really love him?”

“I come every day to see him and try to be here for him but for the most part he stays on the other side of the pond.”

“Do you ever wonder why?”

Leila shook her head.

“I think I do. He doesn’t want to hurt you and hopes that maybe you will give up.”

Leila went wide eyed. “You think so? Why don’t you remove the curse?”

Then Leila wished she hadn’t asked but it was too late. Jemisha looked straight ahead and watched the prince swim around.

Leila thought she would not answer but then she looked over at her and said, “I will not remove the curse until a dream comes true.

“Your dream?”

“Yes. And so far no dream of mine has come true.”

“Dreams don’t always come true. They are not real.”

Jemisha smiled at her. “These dreams are different. When the prince comes to me in one of my dreams and tells me the truth of his heart, then I will lift the curse.”

“Even if he tells you he does not love you?”

Jemishsa took a deep breath. “Yes.”

She left Leila sitting on the bench by herself. She sat there for a while. A sound made her look up.

Leila gasped. The swan prince was right in from of her. “Oh my, you are here in front of me. This is the first time. You actually came over to me.”

The prince flapped his wings and honked. Leila felt like he wanted to tell her something.

She watched him while he swam in front of her back and forth as if pacing. Leila got a little worried. “Is there something wrong?”

He honked at her again. Then he swam away.

Leila didn’t know what that was about but she had a feeling something was going to happen.

It was three days later when Leila went to the pond to see the prince. He was not there and Leila panicked. She paced all around looking but there was no swan.

“Don’t be afraid. I knew you would come.”

She whirled around and there he was in his human form. “She lifted the curse.”

“Not really. Look out into the water again.” Leila turned and saw a swan.

She looked back at him. “But you are here, standing in front of me.”

He smiled. “Yes, I am and that swan is now the princess.”

“Jemisha? How did that happen?”

“In a dream. She dreamed of being a swan in the pond with me. Her dream came true-almost.”

Leila looked back at the swan and then back to him.

“When I saw her in her dream, I wished to trade places with her.”

“So your dream came true and not hers?”

“Yes, and now here we are. I wish to get to know you. You have come to see me all this time. I now want to know all about you.”

He held out his hand to her and she took it.

When they walked away, Leila heard a very loud honking noise.




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I have two new books published! Both are fantasies in the fairy tale fashion. Come check them out. They are available where ever ebooks are sold.

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Here are a few links:


Hope everyone is fine today. I have a short story today! It's set in the new world I am creating-Mistwoods. This time you get to meet the Summer King. Hope you enjoy and if you want to leave me some tea money at the end, that would be great. Happy reading! 


The Summer King

It was the strongest of hearts that could turn him down. The first day of summer or in their world the summer solstice which marked tradition with a certain someone. That is when he made himself seen to those that might be.

This day was the day that he always hoped he would find his queen. As of yet all those that did not hold the summer heart turned into cold hearts. This time he felt that this time might be different. He had followed a certain someone for a while at a safe distance and it was time for him to make himself known to her.

He learned her name was Leila and she worked at this small bookshop. Today he decided to pay her a visit to the bookshop and perhaps talk with her. As soon as he stepped in the little bells rung announcing his arrival.

Leila happened to be at the counter and looked over to see who was coming in. Their eyes met and he felt this jump inside his heart. She smiled warmly at him and welcomed him. He smiled back and thanked her.

He decided to look around first and observe her at work. The smells around him tickled his nose. There was more than just books in this little shop. There were scented candles tucked in here and there. He could tell from out the corner of his eye that she was watching him. Did that mean she was curious enough to talk to him?

He casually made his way over to where she was working or was pretending to. He caught her scent of rose and oleander. Wonderful summer scents. He watched for a few more moments before speaking. “I was wondering if you could help me with finding a certain book on herbs.” He didn’t really need to read up on herbs as he was taught about them growing up but she appeared like she would know of such things.

She smiled warmly back at him. “Of course, I can show you what we have.” She started to make her way towards the wall of books that had gardening as its section name. He watched her pull out some books even without looking at the spine. That told him she knew of such things already. “Is there something specific that you are looking for?”

She continued to pull a few more book down. “I am looking for herbs that can be used for medical purposes.” She quickly threw him a look. He smiled and said, “I’m interested in some mild uses of the herbs for skin irritations and other minor ailments.”

She nodded back at him like she approved of that. He couldn’t help but laugh within as he somewhat pitied the humans that didn’t possess magic. They had to rely on the medicines that they had to make for themselves. And even then it failed to save them sometimes.

He handed her a few books with pictures of the herbs and their Latin names underneath. The summer king knew them all by heart as his grandmother taught them to him and without reading underneath the pictures, he could tell her what each one was and what you could use it for. Her hazelnut colored eyes settled on him as if studying him.

“I haven’t seen you around here before. Did you just move here?”

He wanted to say that he had been here far longer than she had been in existence or even her whole family. “I just got here a while ago. I don’t live here but come back once a year to visit.”

Leila nodded at him. “I hope your visit goes well then. Is one of the books what you are looking for?”


He eyed each one that she had given to him and he didn’t’ really want any of them but decided on the ones with the pictures. “I’ll take this one.”

She smiled. “Perfect, I’ll take that up front for you.” When she went to take the books out of his hands, their fingers touched. Her eyes flew up to his and stayed there for what felt like minutes but when he spoke it broke the silence and she quickly put the books back that he was not going to take and took the one that he wanted to the front.

Very quickly Leila rang up the book and he paid for it. He smiled at her. “Thank you and maybe I will see you again.”

She did not reply back. He walked out and stood on the steps with his new book until he decided that he had given her enough time to stare out the window to study him some more. Then he moved on.

The summer day was heating up and the smell of lilacs filled the air as he walked down the street. There were celebrations taking place celebrating the first of spring in the small town.  They always did and this was what attracted him to come and take part. All the fine ladies would be there. It always ended up disappointing of course because none of them were suitable.

Something about Leila though convinced him that this year’s celebrations would bring promise. He was guessing that she would be there so he got himself ready for the event and would wait for the perfect opportunity to talk to her again.


It was late afternoon now and the celebrations were now starting. The summer king stayed in the shadows watching and keeping an eye out for Leila. Fortunately he did not have to wait as she arrived carrying a baskets of spring flowers—tulips, daffodils, and lilacs. She was also dressed for the occasion as well.

Leila looked like she stepped out of faerie to join the humans. She wore shimmery wings and long flowing summer dress. On her head she wore a wreath of flowers. Her soft brown hair flowed between her wings. She had her hair tied up in the store. He decided he liked her hair down. It made her look so much more ethereal.

The summer king made his way to towards the festival and mingled in the crowd hiding from her for a bit. He wanted them to meet casually again and then he walk to her. Leila was now a booth handing out flowers to everyone. He decided to go up to her booth.

Leila caught sight of him before he got there. Their eyes held each other till he got there. She did give him a warm smile. “Welcome.”

He smiled back at her. “Why thank you, this is wonderful and you look beautiful. Her face beamed as she thanked him. He was taken back a bit as he expected her to blush or something but she did not. It was like she was in her element. She handed him a bright yellow daffodil.

“Thank you. I will see you later I hope.”

“Oh yes, there is dancing!”

He laughed at her excitement. “That’s good to hear as I am good dancer. Maybe we can have a dance?”

Her eyes caught his breath. It was like they changed and twinkled in front of him. He was going to stay with her but decided not to frighten her but his Leila was not what he thought she was.

As the evening wore, the feast was getting ready to be served. A lot of the human food didn’t interest him. He found Leila helping out. He watched her nose wrinkle a few times as if she didn’t care for some of it either. That intrigued him or she was just fussy. Nevertheless he would find out a little later. People helped themselves and he observed what she had on her plate. It made him take notice. She had brown mushrooms and some mixed greens that had dandelion in it. That seemed to be her favorite.  The summer king moved closer to her and thought maybe they might be able to eat together.

“May I sit here with you?”

She looked up at him with those eyes again. She smiled and said yes. He couldn’t help but notice when he sat down that she had some moss on her plate. He didn’t mention it to her.

“How are you enjoying it so far?”

“It has been most interesting. Do you help with this all the time?”

“Yes, I do. This is my favorite day of the year.”

His eyes glanced over her wings and when she bent over slightly his eyes went wide. They were attached to her like a real faerie. He sucked in air and that made Leila look back up at him. “Is there something wrong?”

“Oh no, not at all. I just made a wonderful discovery and I couldn’t be happier.”

She smiled and was about to say something when the music started up. Leila leaped up and looked at him and he didn’t need for her to ask, he got up and took her hand and off they went to dance. They danced do the lively music and she laughed.

It was quite the transformation from the young lady he saw at the bookshop. If she was faerie why did she not pick up on him? So, he decided to test her a bit and let a little bit of his glamour fade to see if she would notice.

They danced for a bit more and then she wanted a drink. So he picked her up a drink of what was a punch of sorts. She wrinkled her nose at it but drank it. “Would you like something else to drink?”

“Oh no this is fine.”

“Are you sure as I’m sure I can find something for suitable.”

Leila gave him a look and it ws then that she took notice and almost dropped her drink. She quickly looked around and then at him. She started to back away with this frightened look on her face. Suddenly she turned and ran for it.

He was right behind her and they were now in the woods in the park all alone. He caught her before she leaped into the air. “Don’t run from me. There is nothing to be afraid of I promise. I will not harm you.”

He thought she was going to fight him. She was breathing heavy but he could feel the strength in her. “I promise not to harm you,” he said again, trying to reassure her.

She threw up her chin at him. “You know what I am.”

He nodded. “It’s okay. You can be what you really are in front of me. Show me yourself, I want to see you in your natural beauty.”

She gave him a wary look. But slowly her glamour started to fade. Her skin was soft greens and mottled browns. Her soft brown hair shimmered in the filtered sunlight. Her eyes were hazel with green hues mixed in. They were wild and he was stunned.

“You’re a late summer faerie. Why are you here?”

She looked away. “I ran away.”


“I did not want to be married off to someone I did not love. So I came here and hid. No one has been the wiser as to where I disappeared until you showed up.”

“I see. Your secret is safe with me. Let’s sit and talk some more.”

They sat on a fallen tree log by a small creek. He learned that she was to marry the fall prince. He told her he heard about his intended mate fleeing. The prince was quite hurt by it and somewhat insulted.

“I’m not going back and that’s it.”

The summer king was amused by her determination but he also knew she would not survive here forever. “I’ll tell you what Leila, why not let me smooth things over with the prince and perhaps he will have another intended by now. Then you will be free to be with whoever you want.”

Her eyes went wide. “You would do that for me?”

“Yes, I would. But there is something I would like in return for this favor.”

“What is that?”

He stood up in front of her and let his glamour completely disappear. She gasped.

“You are the summer king.”

“Yes I am.”

“What is the favor my king?”

“I want you to be my summer queen.”

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             Hello this sunny morning! In the coming of Mother's Day, we have a poem. I wrote this a while back for my own Mom. Now I'm sharing it with all the Mom's out there. Happy Mother's Day!                                                


Her touch is the calmest and the most gentleness.

Only she can ease ones troubled mind.

It’s what she does naturally.


As young children we look up to her in awe.

She is our mentor and the one who teaches us life’s secrets.


As we grow older, we tend to sometimes forget certain things.

We need reminding of our mother’s sacrifices, just for us.


When we become parents ourselves, our mother’s teachings can reflect on us.

When our kids complain, we sometimes see ourselves and wonder, “How did mother do it”?


That’s when it comes to us.

We must thank our mothers and sing her praises!






Thursday, 4 May 2017


Hello and it finally has warmed up where I am. Today we have a little magic about the moon and stars. And if you like you can donate some tea money into the tip jar. Happy reading! 




She was born under a faerie moon. Her true name was hidden but most called her Midnight.

Her hair was black like the dark sky and her eyes shone like the moon.

Midnight’s favorite place to visit was an old tree that she believed to have been born under.

She would look up into the knotted branches and make wishes. A few of the faerie folk thought she was looking for eyes somewhere in the tree but the tree never shared its face with her.

It would then have to answer questions and it refused by not looking at her.

One night she decided to bring the tree something and maybe it would then open its eyes.

“I have something for you this time. I brought stars from the sky for you to hang in your tree branches. They will sparkle in the night and make you beautiful,” she told the tree.

Without waiting for a response she threw a handful of stars up into the tree. They flew around its branches and then settled like pixie dust on the knotted old branches.

The tree started to come to life. It glowed and the way the old branches moved it was happy with what she gave it.

Then something happened.

The old gnarled tree started to change shape and form into something else. Midnight stood back with wide eyes to see what would transform before her.

A tall black mist loomed over her and then gently settled to the ground forming something with wings.

When it turned around they smiled at her. Midnight smiled back.

A tall handsome male faerie strode towards her. His dark hair shimmered from the stars that clung to his hair. His eyes shone like the moon.

Midnight was speechless.

“Who are you,” She asked him.

He grinned. “Let me thank you first for removing the curse that held me as a tree. My name is Starflower and I lived in the meadow until I was caught and cursed.”

“Who cursed you?”

He sighed. “It was your mother.”

“My mother? How could that be? I never met my mother.”

“I know but she wanted to protect you from me.”

“Why? What will you do to me?”

“Nothing to hurt you I assure you. I just wanted a wife that was born from the moon. I am born from the stars. We would make a perfect match.”

She crossed her arms studying him. “I guess we would but how do I know that I would love you?”

Starflower smiled and his face glowed under the moon’s light. “You already love me silly. You have visited me for a long time and wished for love under my branches. You knew your love was here and when you gave me the gift of stars that set me free, you found love.”

Midnight’s eyes went wide and then she smiled. “Okay, what do we do now?”

“Take my hand and I will take you to the forest where I was captured. I miss it so much. We can be married there under the moon and stars.”

His memories of the meadow took him straight to the very place and now the moon was full and the stars twinkled above them.

They were married in the tall grasses and wild flowers. Starflower made her a flower wreath for her head and she made him one and together they found an old tree to call theirs.

Soon one of their children would be born under this tree and they would become the magic of the moon and stars.