Thursday, 4 May 2017


Hello and it finally has warmed up where I am. Today we have a little magic about the moon and stars. And if you like you can donate some tea money into the tip jar. Happy reading! 




She was born under a faerie moon. Her true name was hidden but most called her Midnight.

Her hair was black like the dark sky and her eyes shone like the moon.

Midnight’s favorite place to visit was an old tree that she believed to have been born under.

She would look up into the knotted branches and make wishes. A few of the faerie folk thought she was looking for eyes somewhere in the tree but the tree never shared its face with her.

It would then have to answer questions and it refused by not looking at her.

One night she decided to bring the tree something and maybe it would then open its eyes.

“I have something for you this time. I brought stars from the sky for you to hang in your tree branches. They will sparkle in the night and make you beautiful,” she told the tree.

Without waiting for a response she threw a handful of stars up into the tree. They flew around its branches and then settled like pixie dust on the knotted old branches.

The tree started to come to life. It glowed and the way the old branches moved it was happy with what she gave it.

Then something happened.

The old gnarled tree started to change shape and form into something else. Midnight stood back with wide eyes to see what would transform before her.

A tall black mist loomed over her and then gently settled to the ground forming something with wings.

When it turned around they smiled at her. Midnight smiled back.

A tall handsome male faerie strode towards her. His dark hair shimmered from the stars that clung to his hair. His eyes shone like the moon.

Midnight was speechless.

“Who are you,” She asked him.

He grinned. “Let me thank you first for removing the curse that held me as a tree. My name is Starflower and I lived in the meadow until I was caught and cursed.”

“Who cursed you?”

He sighed. “It was your mother.”

“My mother? How could that be? I never met my mother.”

“I know but she wanted to protect you from me.”

“Why? What will you do to me?”

“Nothing to hurt you I assure you. I just wanted a wife that was born from the moon. I am born from the stars. We would make a perfect match.”

She crossed her arms studying him. “I guess we would but how do I know that I would love you?”

Starflower smiled and his face glowed under the moon’s light. “You already love me silly. You have visited me for a long time and wished for love under my branches. You knew your love was here and when you gave me the gift of stars that set me free, you found love.”

Midnight’s eyes went wide and then she smiled. “Okay, what do we do now?”

“Take my hand and I will take you to the forest where I was captured. I miss it so much. We can be married there under the moon and stars.”

His memories of the meadow took him straight to the very place and now the moon was full and the stars twinkled above them.

They were married in the tall grasses and wild flowers. Starflower made her a flower wreath for her head and she made him one and together they found an old tree to call theirs.

Soon one of their children would be born under this tree and they would become the magic of the moon and stars.

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