Thursday, 25 May 2017


Hello and today's flash fiction is about a cursed prince. Hope you enjoy. 

The Swan Prince

Flash fiction

Because he refused her love, she cursed him. Now he was a Swan with no mate.

One who did love him however came to the pond and saw him every day. Leila was determined to break the curse.

For the most part the Swan prince stayed away from Leila. But she didn’t care. She figured if she broke his curse that he would love her.

One day when Leila came, there was someone else there. At first she couldn’t see who is was but then she turned to Leila and she stopped cold.

It was the one who cursed him. Her name was Jemisha. She smiled at Leila.

“Still trying to break my curse dear?”

Leila couldn’t say anything back. She knew how powerful Jemisha was and Leila didn’t want to provoke her.

Jemisha laughed softly. “Don’t be afraid child. I will not turn you into anything. Come sit beside me and we can talk a bit.”

Leila didn’t know what to do but ended up doing as she was asked.

Jemisha smiled at her. “Do you really love him?”

“I come every day to see him and try to be here for him but for the most part he stays on the other side of the pond.”

“Do you ever wonder why?”

Leila shook her head.

“I think I do. He doesn’t want to hurt you and hopes that maybe you will give up.”

Leila went wide eyed. “You think so? Why don’t you remove the curse?”

Then Leila wished she hadn’t asked but it was too late. Jemisha looked straight ahead and watched the prince swim around.

Leila thought she would not answer but then she looked over at her and said, “I will not remove the curse until a dream comes true.

“Your dream?”

“Yes. And so far no dream of mine has come true.”

“Dreams don’t always come true. They are not real.”

Jemisha smiled at her. “These dreams are different. When the prince comes to me in one of my dreams and tells me the truth of his heart, then I will lift the curse.”

“Even if he tells you he does not love you?”

Jemishsa took a deep breath. “Yes.”

She left Leila sitting on the bench by herself. She sat there for a while. A sound made her look up.

Leila gasped. The swan prince was right in from of her. “Oh my, you are here in front of me. This is the first time. You actually came over to me.”

The prince flapped his wings and honked. Leila felt like he wanted to tell her something.

She watched him while he swam in front of her back and forth as if pacing. Leila got a little worried. “Is there something wrong?”

He honked at her again. Then he swam away.

Leila didn’t know what that was about but she had a feeling something was going to happen.

It was three days later when Leila went to the pond to see the prince. He was not there and Leila panicked. She paced all around looking but there was no swan.

“Don’t be afraid. I knew you would come.”

She whirled around and there he was in his human form. “She lifted the curse.”

“Not really. Look out into the water again.” Leila turned and saw a swan.

She looked back at him. “But you are here, standing in front of me.”

He smiled. “Yes, I am and that swan is now the princess.”

“Jemisha? How did that happen?”

“In a dream. She dreamed of being a swan in the pond with me. Her dream came true-almost.”

Leila looked back at the swan and then back to him.

“When I saw her in her dream, I wished to trade places with her.”

“So your dream came true and not hers?”

“Yes, and now here we are. I wish to get to know you. You have come to see me all this time. I now want to know all about you.”

He held out his hand to her and she took it.

When they walked away, Leila heard a very loud honking noise.




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