Thursday, 22 June 2017


Hello this summer day! In celebration of the summer solstice yesterday we have a little magical flash fiction. Hope you enjoy!

Flash fiction
It’s always been hanging there hidden in the ivy.
And once a year, if you look at it in the right way, it glimmers.
There is almost visions of another world inside of it.
But really what it is, is a signal to a veil being lifted between worlds.
Our world and theirs.
We call it faerie. One must be careful of those folks.
Their beauty is their lure that they use to entice you over for a visit.
Visitors never seem to come back or those that do, are changed.
Those changed ones are all wrong and some say in a low voice that they are changelings.
I look in their eyes and they give it away if they are real or not.
If their glamour is not perfect, I back away quietly and wonder about the one they replaced.
Where are they? What has happened to them?
One time this beautiful person caught my eye and we stared at one another. They were not long coming over to me.
His eyes were blue sapphire jewels. I knew I held eye contact for a second too long.
His smile was magic and I don’t think he even wanted to hide his glamour to me.
It was too late anyway.
“The longest day of the year. Let’s dance and enjoy it.” He held out his hand to me.
I looked around as if someone would be brave enough to rescue me.
My body was stiff as we danced but soon his magic made my body feel as light as a feather.
I will not follow you I told him.
He looked at me with confused eyes. “Follow me?”
“I will not go to the other side.”
He grinned and my heart sank as I already knew his answer before he leaned his lips to my ear.
“We are already there.”

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