Thursday, 1 June 2017


Hello everyone! Happy Summer! Today we have a little crazy. Some more of my favorite from wonderland. Hope you enjoy. 
Wonderland Gone Mad
Flash fiction
There was no control and for some that was the fun part.
But for the rabbit, it was chaos and madness that only ended up in the worst possible situations.
It all started with that kid Alice although the rabbit wasn’t sure that was her real name. He suspected her name was Ruby. You can’t trust a Ruby he thought.
So, here they were with all of Wonderland running around like a bunch of crazy loonies.
The only solution was to bring them all together for a gathering of sorts and set them all straight. Make some of them say they’re sorry for whatever it was. It wouldn’t matter as none of them would remember anyway.
The table was set. It was a very long table with a tattered cloth on top. Got ripped up from the last party. It would do.
The rabbit invited the right ones he thought. Left out the trouble makers.
For the most part everything was going smoothly. There was no fights and they all sat around drinking their tea and eating their sweets.
The rabbit was happy.
Then she showed up. His ears perked but no one appeared to be too upset by it. So he just watched her as she set down beside the faerie queen. The queen smiled at her so that was a good sign.
The rabbit was happy again.
It all started with the clink of a glass against the tea pot. Those sounds are never good.
He looked in the direction that the incident came from. Some butterfly creature was trying to get nectar out of one the flowers on the table and knocked a glass up against the tea pot. He shook his head and thought he should not have invited them.
His ears started to flop down his face when he saw who entered into the party.
“What do we have here?”
Everyone looked up and they all started to chatter amongst themselves.
That’s when Alice got up and the rabbit started to tremble.
Alice pointed at him. “You.”
He smiled back at her and pointed back at her. “You.”
The rabbit started to shake his head as the chatter got louder and suddenly music started to fill the air and they all rose from their chairs and started to dance.
Cups and glasses feel to their sides and tea was spilt staining the thin tablecloth.
“Get out,” the rabbit shouted at the mad hatter.
But it was too late.
Alice and the mad hatter started to dance and the others cheered and everyone started to join them.
The sound of the tea party brought more creatures from the forest out. Strange bugs with many eyes danced with lady bugs.
The dragon flies wooed the butterflies and the faeries started switching foods around.
The rabbit ran from one to the other, trying to get them out and then they started to form a dance line and where headed for…
“Don’t go there!”
But they didn’t listen. “Don’t go down the hole!”
He ran as fast as he could and he made it. He blocked his hole.
The mad hatter laughed at him. “You have two holes don’t you?”
The rabbit shook his head.
“Don’t be coy with me little fuzzy one, let’s go find the other hole.”
And wouldn’t you know it, Alice found it.
The rabbit couldn’t run fast enough. “Stop! Don’t you dare!”
But the silly thing slipped and fell and into the hole she went.
They all stood around the hole and looked. The rabbit pushed them out of the way to look. All he could see was blackness. It was too late.
He had to go after her so he jumped head first in.
The mad hatter grinned. “Tea party time.”
He jumped in followed by all the guest.
What followed was all chaotic. Smiling cats and a queen with a paint brush in her hand that was dipped in red was chasing everybody around.
They all laughed and where having the time of their life.
The rabbit sat in the corner watching the madness.
Now, how was he going to get them out?

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