Thursday, 20 July 2017

Chapter one

Hi all! Today I have something a little different. I'm sharing a chapter one of a story with you. I hope you like it.

Chapter One


Amelia Addison was a dress girl. She loved to dress in vintage dresses. Another love was boots-the kind that they wore almost in the same time period. Her favorite was the lace ups. Amelia thought they looked sexy.

That thought was probably best kept to herself she knew as when others saw her wearing her boots and vintage dresses, their noses scrunched up. Amelia didn't care.

Today was her first day on a new position at the flower shop. The owner had a funky vibe to her that Amelia liked from the moment she met her. Tamara also liked her style of dress which was a win for her.

As soon as she entered the kitchen, her brother rolled his eyes. But then he smiled. Thatcher was her twin brother. They could not be any more far apart in their tastes than any other twin siblings. Amelia always teased him about his conservative dress matter. Thatcher always reminded her that doctors did not wear anything else.

That always made her laugh and feel pity for all doctors.

"Ready for your first day on the job?"

Amelia smiled as she made herself some green mint tea. "Yes, I am. Tamara is going to let me do some of my creative designs."

Thatcher hugged his twin sister. "I'm happy for you. Are you managing everything okay? School and work is a stress that you don't need."

Amelia wanted to roll her eyes but didn't. Her emotional problems of the past always reared its ugly head when stress came into the equation. But she had been good for some time now. Amelia had not had any panic attacks for over a year.

"I'm good. Everything is fine." Amelia loved her brother Thatcher who looked out for her but sometimes he hovered too much.

"We'll remember that if things get a little too hard to handle, that you can come to me for help."

She grinned back at him. "I know all that too well but this will be different."

Thatcher kissed her on the forehead. "I'm sure it will. I must go but remember...”

Amelia rolled her eyes and shoved her brother into the direction of the front door. "Go before you end up following me to work or something."

He laughed and grabbed his coffee to go and went out the door. The sound of the door shutting echoed in the foyer.

Now she was alone. Amelia sighed. She knew she was lucky to have a brother like Thatcher. He was her rock when their parents were killed that night. She didn't think for a long time that she would ever come out of the darkness. But Thatcher shone light on her life and brought her back to the living again.

Amelia took a deep breath and opened the fridge door to grab some yogurt. She plugged in the kettle for tea and started thinking about what designs she was going to make. A new shipment of flowers were coming in today and she couldn't wait to see them.

As she poured hot water into her favorite flower mug she noticed the mail. When her tea was made she grabbed the yogurt and looked down at the mail. Amelia never got any mail. It was always junk mail or some medical letters for her brother. This had her name on the envelope in some fancy writing. When she picked it up, even the paper felt special. She turned it around a few times looking for a return address. But there was none.

So, she opened it.

 Amelia pulled out a stiff piece of paper that was folded in half. Her eyes widened at the site of her of her name. It read:

Dear Amelia,

You are cordially invited to a ball being held at Michail theatre. Amelia smiled to herself and nodded. "Nice brother, inviting me to one of your hospital funds."

She didn't read the rest of it and set the invitation down on the counter. She sighed. "Those functions are always so stuffy. Not my thing."

Amelia poured her tea and sat down thinking about some of her designs. There was a note pad at the desk by the phone so she quickly got up and grabbed it. There was a pencil in the drawer that didn't need sharpening with an eraser at the end that wasn't all used up yet.

She sat back down next to her tea and started doing some sketches. Amelia was full of ideas and today she got to try some of them out. That made her very excited.

As she took a sip of her tea, her eyes glanced at the invitation.

That's when she noticed that the hospital insignia was missing. Amelia picked it up and looked at it one more time. At the bottom of the invitation was a name. There was a signature at the bottom. Dimitri. Amelia mouthed out the name to herself.

"Who is that?

Just at that, the doorbell rang.  She dropped the invitation onto the counter and went to the front door and looked through the peep hole.  It was a delivery man.

She opened the door and in his arms was a long narrow package. "Are you Amelia Addison?"

Amelia nodded politely and after signing for him, he handed her the package.

Into the kitchen she went back and set it down on the kitchen table. There was a large peach pink bow wrapped around the ivory box. She pulled it away and inside was peach pink roses.  A soft pink envelope was tucked in the flowers.

Amelia was almost scared to pick it up and read the card inside. But she did and sure enough the name matched the name on the invitation.

It was a short note. I hope you got the invitation and I do hope you love these roses. Please do consider excepting the invitation and being my guest for the night. I will be in touch.

A funny vibe went through her body. She lifted the roses out of the box and looked to see what shop they came from. She dropped them back in the box. It was the same shop that she worked at. Did Tamara not catch this? She would have said something.

Amelia took a deep breath and picked up the roses to prepare them for a vase. The roses were beautiful and the color was something that she had not seen in the shop. A prickly feeling went up the back of her neck.

She gave herself a shake. It was time to go to work. She dumped her tea into a travel mug and headed out the door to catch the bus at the corner.

Amelia just made it to the corner. The bus was a bit late so she waited. She was the only one at the moment waiting.

A car drove up and the window rolled down.



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