Thursday, 13 July 2017


Happy summer to everyone! Today's flash fiction is mermaid tale. Hope you enjoy! 

The Mermaid Awaits

Flash fiction

She sits on the rocks and looks out over the ocean.

The waves crash up against the rock splashing her but she pays no attention.

Whatever it is out there, is captivating her.

Finally she slips down into the frothy waves and disappears.

There was a story that use to be told of a ship that crashed against the rocks and that there was one survivor.

That survivor would have died if he had not been pulled to shore. Whatever had saved him was something that had lived in the sea.

Many stories were told to what that was. The kelpie was the favorite story but the one that was rarely told was the one of the mermaid who had fallen in love with the survivor.

Some fisherman said that they would see her sitting on the very rock that she had pulled him onto. Then she would be gone.

It was said that when she saved him, she granted him a wish.

It was not known what the wish was but that was when she would wait on the rock as if waiting for him.

Some stories said that he did come back and that now he was like her. Others dismissed that and said that there was no survivors from that crash.

That’s all it was—stories. But yet some said that on a calm night, they could see something out in the water. One said that they caught a glimpse of two tails going under the water.

The mermaid had found her love and now they were together.

Whatever the story, some swear they see that mermaid sitting on the rock looking out.


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